Embracing the Power of Self-Investment as a Financial Coach

Investing in yourself is unequivocally the fastest and easiest path to achieving the results you're after. Many of you have heard my personal journey with financial coaching (and for those who haven't, episode 33 is a must-listen), and we've seen firsthand how our clients benefit from the guidance of a financial coach. Yet, for many entrepreneurs, especially those new to business ownership, believing that their idea or desire to build a business is worthy of investment is a significant hurdle. Rest assured, it is. Today, I want to talk about the coaches we work with after they’ve finished [...]

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The Importance of Embracing Your Role As CEO

How To Create and Execute The Vision You Have For Your Financial Coaching Business - And Life I take my job as the CEO of my company very seriously. But it took me a while to fully step into this role because imposter syndrome is a bitch. But the thing is, if you’re running a business of any kind, no matter the size, you too are a CEO.  One of the things that helped me step into my CEO-ness was holding regular CEO Retreats for myself.  I held my first CEO retreat back in May 2021 because [...]

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A Step-by-Step Approach For Financial Coaches to Coach Clients on Debt Payoff

Why The Debt Snowball Isn't Always The Best Way To Pay Off Debt When I started financial coaching more than 10 years ago, I had many clients who came to me and their number one goal was to get out of debt. Probably like many of your clients today. They'd tell me their financial info, I'd plug it into a debt snowball calculator, and it would spit out this beautiful, perfect debt payoff plan that I would then present to the client. And sometimes it would work. But you know what, sometimes it didn't. My client wouldn't stick to the [...]

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A Financial Coach’s Summer Reading List, Updated for 2022

Our Favorite Financial Coaching Books And Books For Financial Coaches It's that time of year!  Summer is here, and it's time to start getting your summer beach reads ready to go.  There is nothing better than sitting poolside in the warm sun and diving into a good book. While devouring a good Nora Roberts or James Patterson novel is a great way to spend the afternoon, we at Financial Coach Academy like to use the summer downtime to be students of our craft as well. We like to mix in some business and leadership motivation alongside the latest teen vampire [...]

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Thoughts About The Value Of Raising Your Prices And When You Know It’s Time

Did you know the price of the Financial Coach Academy used to be $3,197? When we first launched the Academy, our signature financial coach training course, in 2015 it was offered as a live course only. We had a small group of coaches (no more than 20 each round). The Academy lasted 12 weeks. The coaches had online videos to watch, exercises to work through, and Michael and I would host weekly calls throughout the program.  The live-only course was great, but it had its drawbacks. The main one being that we wanted to help more coaches! Twenty seats per [...]

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How can I get a discount on the Financial Coach Academy?

Why The Cost Of The Academy Today Is The Discount Price The only discount we offer on the Financial Coach Academy is for veterans, active military, retired military or if your spouse is active military. If you fit that criteria, simply email us, and we’ll give you a 10% discount on the Academy. We’ve got you covered and would love to show you our appreciation for you. Thank you for your service.  If you don’t fit any of the descriptions above, I’m sorry if you’re feeling disappointed.  But, here’s the nice thing about knowing that you won’t find a discount [...]

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You Don’t Need a Financial Coach Certification

Why Trust Is More Important To Your Clients Than A Credible Financial Coach Certification  I have been a financial coach for more than a decade now. I’ve coached hundreds of clients in that time. And you know how many have asked me what certifications I have? Maybe two? I don’t have any financial coach certifications, and in this post I want to tell you why you don’t need them either, and why building trust is way more important than your certifications as a financial coach. Why You’re Looking For A Certification If you are a coach who’s considered getting a [...]

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The Importance of Annual Planning for Your Financial Coaching Business

It's already a new year. Can you believe it? That means the year is off to a busy start for most of us. So here’s the big question:  What are you going to accomplish this year?  Michael and I finished our annual planning meeting recently, and man, are we feeling jazzed about this year! Our planning meeting where we plot out the year and everything we want to accomplish. We look forward to this planning session every year because it provides us with an immense amount of clarity and direction as well as allowing us to rally the troops [...]

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It’s a Financial Coaching Symposium Flash Sale

This is the week that time forgets. We’re in a haze. The week between Christmas and New Year’s is the land that time forgot. It’s where little is expected of us and even less gets done.  When I worked in corporate America, this was the time to do super important activities like clean out my office, take super long lunch breaks, and organize the folders on my computer.  But as an entrepreneur, I like to use this time to take stock, learn, and prepare for the coming year. And rest. Don’t get me wrong. I will be in my pjs [...]

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A Complete List of Financial Coach Academy Materials, Templates, Worksheets and Downloads

There are 160+ financial coach templates, worksheets and other materials included when you enroll in the Financial Coach Academy. We put a lot of work into designing and creating the Financial Coach Academy®, our signature online financial coach training program. Our goal when creating this program was to give aspiring coaches everything you need to become a financial coach, start your business and get your clients results. We knew that meant we needed to provide materials like worksheets, templates, questionnaires, scripts, and downloads for you to use in your financial coaching business. We believe we provide [...]

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