Gamify your prospecting- an interview with Bill Luhrs

Most financial coaches agree that prospecting new clients is something they hate! And because prospecting is not fun we typically avoid it like the plague! But, in reality, we are probably missing out on being able to actually help people as well as leaving money on the table! Your business Bill Luhrs, a financial coach that focuses on retirement and self managed investing and also a Financial Coach Academy graduate, has taken the old, boring and tedious action of prospecting for clients and modernized it by making it a game! Watch this video of Bill being interviewed by Kelsa and [...]

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Financial Coaches Unite 21-day Business-Boosting Challenge

CHALLENGE NOW CLOSED - CHECK BACK FOR OUR NEXT ONE! We are so excited for our 21-day Business-Boosting Challenge to kick off on July 15th!! It's just 21-days long --->You can do ANYTHING for 21 days!! :) We are on a mission to empower financial coaches like you to up-level your business, achieve greater results with your clients and overall, grow as an entrepreneur and as a person! Chances are, you excel with a little bit of friendly competition and positive peer pressure - well this challenge is perfect for you then! Every day there are a number of activities [...]

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What materials and deliverables do you get in Financial Coach Academy

Check out the massive value and amount of downloads and videos you get when you enroll in the Financial Coach Academy! Below is a list of what is provided in the Financial Coach Academy - we provide all the questionnaires and worksheets that we use for clients, all of which are licensed for you to recreate and use for your financial coaching business. We go into detail on how to select and build relationships with financial advisors and other referral partners. We go over the coaching meeting from on-boarding, the meeting itself, and then following up. We highlight the strategies [...]

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A Financial Coach’s Summer Reading List, 2018

It's that time of year!  Summer is almost here, and it's time to start getting your summer book line-up ready to go.  There is nothing better than getting outside in the warm sun and into a good book. While a good Nora Roberts or James Patterson novel can get the pages turning, we at Financial Coach Academy like to use the summer reading season to be students of our craft. Financial Coaching is completely different than any other business.  It doesn't purely emphasize numbers and selling like financial advising, and it doesn't emphasize mindset and emotions like life coaching and [...]

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Can your clients see your eyes? Tips for lighting your virtual appointments.

Can your clients see your eyes and other non-verbals during their virtual appointment? I finished up a busy morning of virtual appointments today and thought of the big difference between virtual and live client coaching meetings.  Non-verbal communication can be extremely difficult when you are working virtually. Non-verbal communication is key... It can be hard to see clients' reactions and get an insight into how they are really feeling.  Also, clients may not be able to see your face or your eyes to see your reactions to what they are saying!  They want to see the elation in your eyes [...]

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