The #1 Way for Financial Coaches to Market their Business and Services (Video)

Financial Coach Kelsa Dickey talks about the BEST way to market yourself as a financial coach so you can have a steady stream of clients dying to work with you. This certainly isn’t the ONLY way to market yourself as a financial coach, but me and my team consider it to be a non-negotiable strategy. We know the most tried, tested, and true way to grow a sustainable, long-lasting financial coaching business is by building strong and real relationships with referral partners. Sure, that does not sound sexy at all.  Referral partners are certainly not a new idea. You probably [...]

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Finding and Growing Referral Partnerships as a Financial Coach

Word-of-mouth is a terrific form of advertising for your financial coaching business. When your friend or even a friend-of-a-friend makes a recommendation about anything from their favorite shampoo to the next great restaurant, you’re more than likely going to remember it and are probably more likely to try it than you would have without that endorsement.  That’s why referrals are one of the most effective tools for building your financial coaching business. Having referral partners is like having a built-in sales team that already knows who your potential clients are and what you do. It’s a match made is business-development [...]

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Gamify your prospecting- an interview with Bill Luhrs

Most financial coaches agree that prospecting new clients is something they hate! And because prospecting is not fun we typically avoid it like the plague! But, in reality, we are probably missing out on being able to actually help people as well as leaving money on the table! Your business Bill Luhrs, a financial coach that focuses on retirement and self managed investing and also a Financial Coach Academy graduate, has taken the old, boring and tedious action of prospecting for clients and modernized it by making it a game! Watch this video of Bill being interviewed by Kelsa and [...]

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Partnering with Financial Advisors and CPAs

Unlike a financial advisors or accountants, as a financial coach, we work with a person’s day-to-day finances. That can look very different for many of us. We each have our own unique focus, approach, strategies we use, and ideal clients.  There are two other experts that help a person with their finances as well - CPAs and financial advisors. CPAs help an individual track and categorize expenses that already occurred (most likely business owners) and file their taxes for the prior year. Financial advisors are typically more responsible for the long-term health of an individual. Here's how they differ: CPA’s: [...]

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