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The Financial Coach Academy is the premier financial coach training program for anyone seeking to start and run a successful financial coaching business. We offer industry events, online resources, and a supportive community. We are a source for inspiration and information to all financial coaches, regardless of where they are in their business.

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If you’re looking to start your financial coaching business or take it to the next level, look no further than the Financial Coach Academy. We have helped thousands of people take control of their finances and achieve their financial dreams with our successful financial coaching business. The Academy will show you how to do that too while creating a lucrative, sustainable business. If you’re ready to transform your business or looking for a way to jumpstart your financial coaching career, check out our live or self-paced training e-courses.

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For the longest time, we didn’t know any other financial coaches. We were flying solo and yearned for a community of coaches to bounce ideas off of or help us when we felt stuck or unmotivated. We didn’t know of any such group, so we created our own. The Financial Coaches Unite Facebook page has grown to a community of more than 3,000 coaches and aspiring coaches from around the world. Join it today! Roll up your sleeves, ask questions, share your experience, and watch your business succeed faster than if you go at it alone.

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We started The Many Faces of a Financial Coach blog series is to inspire up-and-coming and veteran coaches alike. Our mission is to demonstrate that there is no one way to run a financial coaching business. Each coach is unique and runs their business their own way. We ask them to tell their story, describe their niche and offer their best tips and advice for creating and sustaining a successful coaching business. 

We have helped thousands of people take control of their finances, relieve their money worries, and achieve their financial dreams. Let us show you how to do that too while creating a lucrative, sustainable business.

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What Graduates are Saying About the Financial Coach Academy™

“Let’s just say I’m ready to be a baptized, card-carrying, tithe paying member in the Church of Kelsa and the Academy after the video she posted today. You hit everything I’m feeling right on the head!! I’m really feeling motivated after that! Thank you so much!”

~ Emily

“Kelsa and Michael are an open book. They are very transparent and are setting out to train coaches to help as many people as possible. This academy has far exceeded any expectations I have and has given me the confidence I need to get my coaching practice off and running.” 

~ DaRenda

“I began my business just over a year ago and my biggest regret is not finding the Financial Coach Academy sooner… I have taken many online programs and business programs and the FCA was my MBA for running a financial coaching business. I highly recommend this program over and over again if you want to have a business in coaching people with their finances.  This program will literally pay for itself over and over again in the time, energy and money that you are going to save from learning from Kelsa and the over-delivery of value that she provides.

~ Mandyy

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“If anyone has a dream of being a financial coach and is struggling to know where to start, take the FCA!!  Don’t think, don’t hesitate, just do it! I put it off for months because of the cost. I didn’t know how I could justify that investment in a business that hadn’t made any money yet. But as we wrap up the fall class, I can tell you that they highly UNDERCHARGE!! I truly believe that even ONE WEEK’S worth of the content, tools, and community they provide is worth the entire investment in the class.”

~ Ahna

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The Financial Coach Academy is currently the only financial coaching program the meets the education requirements set forth by the Certified Professional Financial Coach program.

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