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If you’re looking to start your financial coaching business or take it to the next level, look no further than the Financial Coach Academy. The Financial Coach Academy is the premier financial coach training program for anyone seeking to start and run a successful financial coaching business. We offer industry events, online resources, and a supportive community to all financial coaches, regardless of where they are in their business.

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We help new and experienced coaches alike with our free resources, training programs, and financial coaching events. We can help you no matter the stage you’re at in your coaching journey.



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If you’re just starting out with financial coaching or looking to give financial coaching a try…

We Wrote the Book on Becoming a Financial Coach

No, really. We did.

The Financial Coaching Playbook is a how-to book for creating, running, or refining your financial coaching business (with heaps of inspiration thrown in for good measure!). The goal of this book is not to give you an exact blueprint to follow. It’s to give you the lessons, prompts, and space to design your unique coaching business – be it as a full-time career or a side hustle.

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If you’re looking to dive into financial coaching or ready to make your business feel more like a business…
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Look No Further Than Financial Coach Training with The Financial Coach Academy

The Academy is our signature course designed to teach you practical, tried-and-true methods for starting or leveling up your financial coaching business. We have seen hundreds of coaches since we launched this online course go from unsure to on fire with their coaching business. Many of our graduates have said taking the course is like getting an MBA in financial coaching. No bachelor’s degree necessary!

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If you’re looking to expand your coaching toolbox or provide new exercises for your financial clients…

Check Out the Financial Coaching Toolkit

The Financial Coaching Toolkit is a robust collection of easy-to-follow videos and materials that gives you the ability to uplevel your coaching business and provide better (and long-lasting) service to your clients. This is for financial coaches who have been coaching for a while or financial or coaching professionals who are looking to expand their offerings and create life-long clients.

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Join Our Financial Coaching Community

The Financial Coaches Unite group has grown to a community of more than 5,000 veteran and aspiring coaches from around the world.

For the longest time, we didn’t know any other financial coaches. We were flying solo and yearned for a community of coaches to bounce ideas off of or help us when we felt stuck or unmotivated. We didn’t know of any such group, so we created our own. Join it today! Roll up your sleeves, ask questions, share your experience, and help your business grow faster than if you go at it alone.

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PSST! When you join, don’t forget to check out our units section with FREE financial coaching training videos!

If you’re looking to gain greater insight into your strengths as a financial coach

Schedule a Kolbe Interpretation

A Kolbe interpretation is an investment in your business. This session will give you insights that will help you organize and take action in your business in ways that will make you more efficient and possibly even more profitable. Schedule a Kolbe interpretation with Certified Kolbe Consultant, Michael Dickey.

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