Check out the massive value and amount of downloads and videos you get when you enroll in the Financial Coach Academy!

Below is a list of what is provided in the Financial Coach Academy – we provide all the questionnaires and worksheets that we use for clients, all of which are licensed for you to recreate and use for your financial coaching business.

  • We go into detail on how to select and build relationships with financial advisors and other referral partners.
  • We go over the coaching meeting from on-boarding, the meeting itself, and then following up.
  • We highlight the strategies to determine pricing and packages to best serve your clients and optimize revenue and your work/ life balance
  • We teach you how to convert clients by providing scripts and effective questions and statements – what to say and what not to say!
  • We provide marketing templates and scripts for social media, blogs, email campaigns and more.
  • The coaching strategies and exercises we walk you through for clients is extremely robust and come with worksheets that go along with each exercise!

Below is a list of what we provide in deliverables / downloads (these are all handouts or worksheets in some fashion – Excel, PDF, etc).

For Your Work With Clients

  1. Pre-Client Prep Work
    1. Financial worksheets template
    2. Questionnaires (7 pages long)
  2. Initial session framework and script
  3. Client agreement prior to initial session
  4. Client agreement for every program we offer
  5. Post client session email templates (3) and action lists
  6. Client prep forms and questionnaires
  7. Follow up session prep forms and questionnaires
  8. Welcome email templates
  9. Month 1 Skills and Goals Client Checklist
  10. Month 2-4 Skills and Goals Client Checklist
  11. Month 5-7 Skills and Goals Client Checklist
  12. Sample privacy release
  13. Money Archetype Quiz
  14. Identifying Your Values exercises
  15. Net Worth worksheet
  16. Goal-Setting worksheet & handout
  17. Planning Ahead Strategy worksheet
  18. Client Action List (post-meeting)
  19. Defining Your Financial Principles worksheet
  20. Legacy Drawer handout
  21. Money Mindset exercises (2)
  22. Planning Ahead Month-by-Month handout
  23. Travel Planner
  24. Medical Expense Planner
  25. Subscriptions & Dues Planner
  26. Home Maintenance Planner
  27. Holiday Gift Buying Planner
  28. Car Maintenance Planner
  29. Locking in the Budget tutorial

For Coaches Eyes Only

Clarity as a Coach

  1. Identify Your Ideal Client’s Characteristics
  2. Identify Your Niche
  3. What Kind of Business Do You Want?
  4. Mind-Mapping exercise to Find Your Ideal Client
  5. Find Your Clients’ SUPE2R Problems (not a typo)
  6. Finding Your Why
  7. Defining Your Why – The Golden Circle
  8. Crafting Your Why Story framework
  9. Crafting 7 Effective Stories as a Business Owner
  10. Find out if Financial Coaching is your “Ikigai”
  11. Defining Your Business Success
  12. Dream Client Profile paragraph

Strengthening Confidence

  1. Prospect Conversion template and scripts
  2. Overcoming objections worksheet and scripts
  3. Effective Coaching Questions list
  4. Key Coaching Role during client meetings
  5. Coaching Strategies for various Client Scenarios

Client Programming

  1. Client flow chart & perspective diagram
  2. Design Your Client Programs worksheets
  3. Client Programming Flow Chart
  4. Active vs Passive Learning exercise for clients
  5. Know & Grow Your Savings Rate exercise and spreadsheet for clients
  6. Side Hustle Ideas Grid for clients
  7. Family Meeting Planner for clients
  8. Taking Inventory exercise for clients

Behind the Scenes

  1. Client Tracker – for keeping track of all your clients and where they’re at in their package
  2. Scheduling software breakdown and tutorial (How-to)
  3. Online forms tutorials
  4. Creating Velvet Ropes in Hiring handout
  5. Employee Review Template
  6. Employee Expectations handout
  7. Confidentiality Agreement
  8. Formal Employee contract
  9. Annual goal calendar
  10. Rebound Campaign after a Eureka session
  11. Next Steps Consultation Script
  12. Client Files Template
  13. Journey of a Client from Day 1 on
  14. Skills Checklists

Group Coaching

  1. Group coaching format
  2. Group coaching hybrid approach
  3. Group coaching schedule
  4. Group coaching client agreement


  1. Expos, Booths and Seminars
    1. Sample raffle/contact info tickets
    2. Event Planning Checklist
    3. Packing List
    4. Sign-in Sheet Template
    5. “Budget Brainstorm” Sign-up Sheet
    6. “Budget Brainstorm” Golden Ticket Template
  2. Client survey questionnaire templates
  3. Workshops & Presentations
    1. Design Your Signature Workshops & Presentation worksheet
    2. Sample workshop workbook
    3. Workshop email deliverables
    4. Newsletter sign up sheet(s) during presentations
  4. Blog Writing Prompts for your website
  5. Google Analytics Basics for
  6. Referral Partners
    1. Identifying Your Ideal Referral Partners worksheet
    2. LinkedIn response templates
    3. Sample emails to financial advisors
    4. Sample potential referral partner total marketing campaign (includes video email scripts and email templates!)
    5. Sample website landing page content for financial advisors, accountants, etc (referral partners)
  7. Sample rack card and flyers layouts
  8. Sample newsletter
  9. Best networking places list
  10. Debt Strategies deliverable
  11. 30-minute marketing ideas
  12. Facebook Live “Rant” video framework worksheet
  13. HARO response template

Client strategies and exercises

Daily Money Manager

  1. Daily Money Management flyers
  2. Daily Money Management contracts and agreements
  3. Daily Money Management monthly invoice template
  4. Durable Financial Power of Attorney template

Corporate Wellness Programs

  1. Financial Stress Survey
  2. New flow to Corporate Wellness sales process
  3. Sample capabilities briefing powerpoint
  4. Needs discovery consultation questions to ask employer
  5. Sample financial wellness bid
  6. Sample strategic debrief presentation
  7. Sample email campaign for employees announcing financial wellness
  8. Sample announcement flier

Video training lessons

Live lessons (90-120 minutes each!)

  1. Gain clarity on your financial coaching business
  2. Beginning marketing strategies for financial coaches
  3. Advanced marketing strategies for financial coaches
  4. Client attraction, sales and conversion
  5. Program development: Discovery and initial sessions
  6. Program development: Accountability coaching programs and small business coaching
  7. Financial concepts and coaching strategies
  8. Sales Lab: complete guide to sales conversations, objections and more
    1. Sales Lab role playing scripts
    2. Things Kelsa Says and Questions to Ask handout
    3. Kelsa’s Responses to Comments Financial Coaches Hear Often handout
    4. Teeing up to the sales conversation handout
    5. Mindset Around Sales handout
    6. Inviting the Sales Conversation – quick script outline and exercise
    7. Overcome Specific Objections – A How To Guide

Clarity as a Coach

  1. How to craft your signature story
  2. Legally protecting yourself as a financial coach: part 1 Structuring your business
  3. Legally protecting yourself as a financial coach: part 2 Insurance
  4. Legally protecting yourself as a financial coach: part 3 Contracts and agreements
  5. Mind mapping tutorial to find your ideal client
  6. Find out if Financial Coaching is your Ikigai
  7. The Heroes Journey with Star Wars
  8. Full video recording of a Eureka Session (2 hours)


  1. Canva graphic design tutorial
  2. Buffer social media management tutorial
  3. How to generate Google review links to share with clients
  4. How to identify your ideal referral partners
  5. How to close caption Facebook videos
  6. Tips and tricks for expos and booths
  7. How to start your own podcast
  8. Crafting your ascension pyramid model for presentations
  9. Google analytics for beginner
  10. Video email sent to referral partners after one-to-one
  11. SEO basics
  12. Sample speaker kit

Behind the scenes

  1. Acuity scheduling software tutorial
  2. Jotform form building software tutorial
  3. How to accept online payments

Advanced program development

  1. Small business coaching strategies
  2. Corporate wellness programming
  3. Advanced coaching strategies, solutions and client exercises.



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