It’s already a new year. Can you believe it? That means the year is off to a busy start for most of us. So here’s the big question: 

What are you going to accomplish this year? 

Michael and I finished our annual planning meeting recently, and man, are we feeling jazzed about this year! Our planning meeting where we plot out the year and everything we want to accomplish. We look forward to this planning session every year because it provides us with an immense amount of clarity and direction as well as allowing us to rally the troops and get our entire team on the same page. 

But know this, doing this exercise gives us so much more than just an annual plan. It’s a plan on steroids.

People always ask me how we get so much done in a year, and our annual planning process is how we do it.

It all comes down to looking at the year in advance in a realistic and complete way. This guide allows us to see the whole year in a way that your average calendar cannot. We look at not only 365 days, we examine each quarter, all possibilities and all ideas. There are no bad ones at this stage. And then we order and sort and whittle our list down to the things we love that will help our clients and that excite us.

This planning session doesn’t mean everything in the year falls into place exactly as we planned it. Things don’t go perfectly, but this guide allows us to see patterns and more easily recognize our busy season from the times we can be in growth or creation mode. We also can spot when we can take time off and step away from all things business for a bit. We consider time off as non-negotiable so scheduling it out in advance means burnout is less likely.

If you want to learn the intricate details of our planning process so you can replicate it year after year for yourself, then you will absolutely love our Roadmap to Profitability VIP Day.