A Financial Coach’s Summer Reading List, Updated for 2020

The Financial Coach Academy's Favorite Financial Coaching Books that You Should Add to Your Summer Reading List It's that time of year!  Summer is almost here, and it's time to start getting your summer book line-up ready to go.  There is nothing better than sitting poolside in the warm sun and diving into a good book. While a good Nora Roberts or James Patterson novel can get the pages turning, we at Financial Coach Academy like to use the summer reading season to be students of our craft. Considering this your official summer reading list for financial coaching books. Financial [...]

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How Many Financial Coaching Clients is Too Many? Here Are Three Considerations

It's a hard balance to figure out: How many financial coaching clients can you take on before you feel overworked and spread too thin? There's no magic number that works for everyone. At the height of my coaching, I was doing 40+ hours of just coaching sessions in a week (so 40 1-hour sessions probably), but I do not recommend that. I was pretty burnt out, and my business at that time was not scaled properly. Chalk it up to growing pains. But looking back now, I can say there are ways to help you figure out how many clients [...]

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From One Experienced Financial Coach to Another: You Got Skills

It's not often this girl gets surprised during a client meeting, so I have to share something that happened last week. I've worked with this client (I'll call her Jenny) for probably 7 or 8 years. It’s been a long time. Jenny is amazing - she’s driven, coachable, honest, self-aware, giving, caring, you name it. Jenny is the best.  We have met every two weeks, if not more, for the better part of the last decade, so as you can imagine, I know Jenny pretty well and she knows me. Our journey together has been gratifying for both of us. [...]

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My Last Day In Corporate America

Eleven years ago today was my last day in Corporate America.  It was the day I became a full-time financial coach. I remember thinking, "I'll give it a year...and if I can't cut it, if I'm crazy and this 'coaching thing' doesn't work out, I'll just go back into Corporate America." In other words, I totally didn't expect it to become what it has.  My business was my first baby.  Michael was soooo supportive!! He was my biggest cheerleader at this time - in other words, not much has changed! I was clueless at how to communicate my value and [...]

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5 Tips to Launch Your Financial Coaching Career

Money is the number one cause of stress in America.  It’s easy to see why: 67% of Americans wouldn’t be able to scrounge up $1,000 for an emergency, only 1 in 3 of Americans keep a household budget, 35% of Americans have debt in collections, and 1 in 3 people have NOTHING saved for retirement.  Financial stress is mounting, and there aren’t enough qualified people to help.  You know who can help - financial coaches. That's why if you want to become a financial coach or have already started coaching clients, this article is for you.  Who can become a financial [...]

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A serious love for financial coaching

I have a serious love for financial coaching. I love taking "normal" financial advice and finding a new and creative way to explain it. I love taking the complicated and making it simple. I enjoy creating exercises and worksheets that help a client SEE their money in a new way. I love that financial coaching is both mathematical, logical, and rational while also being emotional, creative, and customizable. What do you love about financial coaching? If you want help creating a financial coaching business that you love, check out our Financial Coach Academy course! We help you design a business you [...]

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