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Tough Client Conversations: Your Client Made a Poor Choice and Can’t Afford to Pay You

We had a situation with a client at Fiscal Fitness recently where they couldn’t afford our services because of some poor decision making. We work with them on a monthly basis and our monthly payment was coming due. But between our previous session with them and the one that was coming up, they decided to sign up for a CrossFit membership. This expense was not in their budget, and by signing up for this membership, it meant they didn’t have the funds to pay us. This was frustrating.   But I wasn’t frustrated about their inability to pay me. It [...]

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Tough Conversations: How to Break Up with a Financial Coaching Client

Breakups are hard. No one likes being broken up with and few people like breaking up with someone. It’s uncomfortable and raw and usually leads to more questions than it does answers. If you are fortunate to be in business for a long time, chances are you’ll need to end a relationship with one of your clients at some point. And this is going to be a tough conversation. Here are a few ways to help you have the right words but also evaluate if it really is time to end it all. Before You End It Before you start [...]

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How Your Financial Coaching Business Benefits from Clients Who Don’t “Get It”

Let’s say you have a financial coaching client who has been working with you for only a month or two. It hasn't been a super long relationship, but even after this short period of time, you can tell they're simply not getting it. They're not getting great results or maybe they're not moving as fast as you would like. Perhaps it feels like you take two steps back for every step forward. When you talk to them, you say things like “You did what since we talked last? What do you mean you just bought a new car?” In short, [...]

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Why We Never Say Never

Don’t Be So Rigid in Your Coaching There’s a school of thought with some financial coaches that all credit cards are bad. They think people who have gotten themselves into credit card debt need to work their way out, month-by-month, payment-by-payment, and that the credit cards they have are the credit cards they are stuck with. Because of this way of thinking, that means some coaches will never tell their clients about the option of possibly taking advantage of a balance transfer. A zero percent credit card might be available to them, and even if that person is paying 25% [...]

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Client exercise: Buyer’s remorse

We have all felt buyer's remorse at some point and boy isn't it painful? It stings a little for sure. There's no doubt our clients have experienced that gut-wrenching feeling too. It may be easy to dismiss this feeling since we've all done it. But it's the pesky little things that can lead to doubt, a lack of confidence, and the inability to trust yourself with financial decisions. As financial coaches, we can help our clients by helping them to identify the factors that contribute to regrettable money choices. Below is a quick exercise you can give your client - [...]

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Tough Client Conversations: What To Do If a Client Asks You for a Discount

Years ago, I found myself getting offended when people would ask for a discount on my coaching. My time was valuable. I set that price for a reason. Why would anyone think I would charge them less just because? But then I had to step back and make a mental shift around discounts. I told myself, "It's great that they ask. They should ask. It doesn't mean I have to say yes, and it doesn't mean they don't value what I'm offering." In fact, I challenge my clients to ask for a better price when they're buying something just to [...]

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Financial Coaches Unite 2019 21-day Challenge

UPDATE: ENROLLMENT IN THE CHALLENGE IS NOW CLOSED! CHECK BACK SO YOU CAN JOIN IN NEXT TIME! We are so excited for all the new year has in store and we want to kick 2019 off with a bang! As our industry continues to grow and thrive we can't wait to see what you all have in store too! We want everyone to start the year out strong, so we've designed a challenge for financial coaches to step outside of their comfort zones and focus on their business (and their lives)! This challenge is meant to be fun and encourages [...]

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Why Your Approach to Money will Get you More Clients

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to money.   Depending on the person I’m coaching and the financial situation they are in, I will employ a bunch of different strategies to help them meet their financial goals.  I recognize the strategies I use might be different than the ones you would use. And that’s ok. One of the beautiful things about financial coaching is that there is no right way to do things. We each have our own ideas of the best strategies to pay off debt, to shore up savings, or to plan for retirement. Those differences are definitely a [...]

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Turn Everyday Conversations into Marketing Masterpieces

Are you missing out on posting powerful marketing messages that potential clients will eat up? Every day you have multiple conversations with clients, clients who are making huge improvements in their financial situation, and clients who are so proud of their accomplishments that they want to tell you about how you have helped them. As a financial coach, seeing your clients succeed and reach their goals is an amazing feeling, and it's why most of us are in this field.  But how often do you share these conversations? I recently posted one such client note (see below) on my financial coaching [...]

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A Financial Coach’s Summer Reading List, 2018

It's that time of year!  Summer is almost here, and it's time to start getting your summer book line-up ready to go.  There is nothing better than getting outside in the warm sun and into a good book. While a good Nora Roberts or James Patterson novel can get the pages turning, we at Financial Coach Academy like to use the summer reading season to be students of our craft. Financial Coaching is completely different than any other business.  It doesn't purely emphasize numbers and selling like financial advising, and it doesn't emphasize mindset and emotions like life coaching and [...]

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