Join the Financial Coach Academy Client Creator Challenge

Get New Financial Coaching Clients and A System for Getting More Clients Clients are the lifeblood of any financial coaching business. Yet a lot of coaches feel like they have very little control over getting new clients. They think they need an endless stream of referral sources, five social media posts a day, and weekly marketing emails to run a successful coaching business.  Sounds exhausting right?  I want you to get off that hamster wheel and create a proven system for acquiring prospects and getting clients. I want you in the Client Creator Challenge. If you want more financial coaching [...]

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Join the Beat the Heat 21 Day Challenge

The time has come for ANOTHER 21-Day Challenge!!! If you've been around here for a while, you likely remember the last challenge we did in January. We're back this July to do it all over again with the Beat the Heat 21-Day Challenge. IF YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR REGISTRATION TO OPEN, CLICK HERE AND ENTER THE CODE FCU21OFF FOR $21 OFF THE REGISTRATION FEE. What is this 21-Day Challenge, you say? HERE'S THE SCOOP From July 12th - August 1st, you'll have several activities to complete which are designed to boost your business, confidence, and clarity with your coaching! Friendly [...]

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A New and Improved Academy is Coming in 2021

We launched our signature course, the Financial Coach Academy, in 2015 because there was a problem with financial coach training. The programs we took were either too general or too rigid, promising that the only way to succeed as a financial coach was by following an exact blueprint laid out by the instructors. That didn’t work for us.  We had found a lot of things that did work for us though over nearly a decade of running our financial coaching business. We created systems, processes, and general how-tos that made for a framework where anyone could build a successful coaching [...]

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Financial Workshops – A Strategy for Success

Over the past 10 years, we've held dozens hundreds of financial workshops through Fiscal Fitness Phoenix - some in person, others virtual, some shorter in length while others longer, some for just a few people, and others with hundreds in attendance. I'm proud to say we've done a lot of things right over the past 10 years. And I'm not embarrassed to admit that we tried some things that didn't work too (that's for another post). I followed some experts' advice on what we should or shouldn't do and some ideas were our own. The end result is a wildly [...]

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