Are Financial Coaches Needed?

There are just too many… I almost spit out my water the other day when someone said there were too many financial coaches. Say what now? Let’s start by thinking about who financial coaches help.

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What is the FCA cohort?

The FCA cohort is one of the best parts of enrolling in the Financial Coach Academy™. Live coaching with me, Kelsa and your personal cohort (or other coaches who are working their way through the Financial Coach Academy™, too) are the secret sauce to your success.

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Embracing the Power of Self-Investment as a Financial Coach

Investing in yourself is unequivocally the fastest and easiest path to achieving the results you're after. Many of you have heard my personal journey with financial coaching (and for those who haven't, episode 33 is a must-listen), and we've seen firsthand how our clients benefit from the guidance of a financial coach. Yet, for many entrepreneurs, especially those new to business ownership, believing that their idea or desire to build a business is worthy of investment is a significant hurdle. Rest assured, it is. Today, I want to talk about the coaches we work with after they’ve finished [...]

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