The FCA cohort is one of the best parts of enrolling in the Financial Coach Academy™.

But why, you ask? Maybe you’re wondering, “What is a cohort anyway?”

Let me fill you in.

Every time I see someone call the Financial Coach Academy™ a “course,” my eye twitches just a bit.

That’s because it’s not a course, it’s a program.

You may be wondering if there’s really a difference and the answer is yes, there’s a massive difference.

What you need to know and do is taught through the digital course section of the Financial Coach Academy™. There are videos, handouts, checklists, and resources galore, all designed to help you launch your financial coaching business successfully.

The course portion is the most robust and thorough offering that exists for financial coaches who want to start and launch their business. No other course offers the same number of tools, downloads, tech tutorials, training videos, and materials.*

The amount and caliber of training and resources is unmatched, but I’m a coach first and foremost — which means I know better than anyone that knowing what to do doesn’t mean that doing it is going to be easy.

You will find this to be so true when you are working with your own clients. There will be times when your client knows what they should do, but they still struggle to do the thing. That’s why they hired you, Coach!

The same will be true for you. You’ll watch one of the lesson videos and know exactly what you need to do and why.

And even then, there will be days, or weeks, when you fail to take action.

There will be times when you experience a ton of self doubt or imposter syndrome.

There will be exercises that you fly through, but others will feel more challenging or won’t go as smoothly as you had hoped.

As you learn, you will grow. And growth is messy.

Want to know what makes it a little less messy? Live coaching calls and real-time peer-to-peer support, feedback and accountability.

When I created the Academy, I asked myself:

  • What did I need when I was launching my financial coaching business?
  • What do I wish I had available to me?
  • What will boost a coach’s likelihood of success?
  • What will help coaches to not only complete the program, but do so successfully?

The answer was a hybrid program — a course, along with live coaching and peer accountability and support all in one. That’s the Academy.

Your success matters to me, because it’s part of my mission.

My mission is to change the way people use money. I want them to use it as a tool to live their best lives. I think the world would be even more beautiful if more people were living their dreams and making those dreams happen for themselves.

I believe financial coaches are the key to making that happen. I cannot help everyone. And hell – I’m not even the coach who’s best for everyone.

Live coaching with me and your personal cohort (or other coaches who are working their way through the Financial Coach Academy™, too) are the secret sauce to your success.

Every month you can hop on a live coaching call with me and get your questions answered.

We meet on the last Wednesday of every month via Zoom. If you can’t join live, you can still submit your question ahead of time, and I answer it on the call. A replay of the call is provided to all FCA-enrolled coaches. It’s high-energy, fun, collaborative, impactful, and valuable!

The coolest part about the live coaching calls? You never lose access to them.

  • Let’s say it’s 3 years from now and you’re facing a new challenge in your business (I’m sorry to say, it happens!). You hop on the monthly call, and get my take on it!
  • Or maybe you have a client situation you’ve never faced before? Awesome! Join me live, and let me navigate it with you!
  • Don’t have a question, but want to see what everyone else is asking or doing in their businesses? You never know what you can learn!

These calls are highly impactful and help you to keep taking action in your business. What could be better?

Your cohort.

Yes, your cohort is even better than live coaching with me.

When you enroll in the Academy, you are assigned a small group of fellow coaches to go on this journey with you. Your cohort is composed of other coaches who enroll in the Academy around the same time as you and are committed and excited to learn, take action, and ultimately launch their financial coaching businesses, too.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Enroll in the Academy here. Join the Cohort Kickoff Call. Cohorts start every two months (details are sent once you enroll).
  2. Coach Jaclyn acts as Cohort Leader and helps your cohort get started successfully.
  3. Coach Jaclyn guides you and your cohort through figuring out the following:
    1. Who everyone in your cohort is (you’ll finally get to meet each other!),
    2. How your cohort will get and stay connected with each other,
    3. What different support systems and structures will best support you,
    4. How to decide when, where, and how often to meet,
    5. The purpose of the meetings you schedule with each other (i.e. accountability, marketing feedback circles, brainstorming sessions, power hours – there are so many awesome options!),
    6. Who is in charge of leading the meeting, making sure everyone stays connected,
    7. and more!
  4. You and your cohort navigate launching your businesses together.
  5. Every month we check in on you to see how you’re doing.

In other words, your cohort is designed to give you exactly what you need to feel supported and encouraged on this journey, because YOU play a role in creating it!

Every cohort is unique. We’ve helped establish enough of them now to know the very best practices and most creative ideas for making your cohort a success.

Being part of a cohort means you don’t lose momentum, and even if you do, you don’t lose it for long. We, and your cohort, have your back. We’re rooting for you, and you won’t get lost in the shuffle.

You and I have the same goal, Coach. We both want you to turn your financial coaching dream into a profitable reality.

The world needs financial coaches. There’s never been a better time for you to become one.