Thoughts About The Value Of Raising Your Prices And When You Know It’s Time

Did you know the price of the Financial Coach Academy used to be $3,197? When we first launched the Academy, our signature financial coach training course, in 2015 it was offered as a live course only. We had a small group of coaches (no more than 20 each round). The Academy lasted 12 weeks. The coaches had online videos to watch, exercises to work through, and Michael and I would host weekly calls throughout the program.  The live-only course was great, but it had its drawbacks. The main one being that we wanted to help more coaches! Twenty seats per [...]

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Should I Put My Prices On My Website: Two Things To Consider

What to Ask Yourself When Listing Prices On Your Website By Kelsa Dickey When financial coaches ask me a question about should I or should I not do X for my financial coaching business, my answer is usually it depends. That response goes for the question of whether or not to put your prices on your website. It can be a good idea or a bad idea, and your yes or no response depends on where you are in your business and what’s best for your business growth. There are two main schools of thought when it comes to putting [...]

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Making the Leap to Full-Time Financial Coach

By Kelsa Dickey How Much Do I Need to Make to Go From Part-Time to Full-Time Financial Coach? I was recently asked this question by a member of our Financial Coaches Unite group. A part-time financial coach who is currently helping friends and family members asked:  At some point down the road I’d love to make it a full time gig, but I’m wondering what I should expect to make per year in terms of revenue? I know every area of the country is different, but I’m trying to get a ballpark idea for planning purposes. As someone who started [...]

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How to Make Money as a Financial Coach

There are plenty of ways to make money as a financial coach. As my financial coaching business has grown and diversified over the years, I’ve found more revenue streams than had I stuck to only one-to-one coaching. Some of these additional revenue streams I’ve kept. Some I have abandoned. Some worked. Some no longer did based on my evolving financial coaching business or the kinds of clients I and my team wanted to serve. Here are some ways you can make money as a financial coach and how we’ve incorporated them into our business - or seen them incorporated into other [...]

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Value-Based Pricing, Part Three: Selling Your Value

This is the third of a three-part blog series about value-based pricing for financial coaches. For the first part of this series, Ditch Your Hourly Rate, click here. For the second part, Determine Your Value, click here. Knowing your value is one thing. Selling your value is a whole other ball game. But one that deserves your attention and practice. If you’ve done the exercise in the second part of this series, you already know there is an immense value in the service you provide, one that has both an immediate impact and long-term benefits for your clients. Knowing those [...]

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Value-Based Pricing, Part Two: Determine Your Value

This is the second of a three-part blog series about value-based pricing for financial coaches. For the first part of this series, Ditch Your Hourly Rate, click here. At this point, I hope you are ready to ditch your hourly rate and figure out your value. This post isn’t going to tell you what dollar amount you should attach to your value - only you know that - but instead will inspire you to do a few things: See your value Be able to clearly communicate what it is Give you the confidence to price yourself for what you are [...]

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Value-Based Pricing, Part 1: Why You Should Ditch Your Hourly Rate

Hourly rates are a service model that has been employed in law firms and other professional services for decades. But in recent years, law firm clients have caught on. They don’t want to pay for an hour. They want to pay for a service, and as a result law firms have started figuring out ways to provide alternatives to the almighty hourly rate. Why do I tell you this? Because just as law firm clients don’t want to pay for an hour of someone’s time, neither do your clients. Common Pricing Price per hour is the most common way service [...]

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