Investing in yourself is unequivocally the fastest and easiest path to achieving the results you’re after. Many of you have heard my personal journey with financial coaching (and for those who haven’t, episode 33 is a must-listen), and we’ve seen firsthand how our clients benefit from the guidance of a financial coach.

Yet, for many entrepreneurs, especially those new to business ownership, believing that their idea or desire to build a business is worthy of investment is a significant hurdle. Rest assured, it is.

Today, I want to talk about the coaches we work with after they’ve finished the Financial Coach Academy®. I personally coach and mentor these individuals to help them grow their businesses, enhance their coaching skills, and boost their confidence in their business ventures.

The Elite Coaching Program: A Deep Dive

In this program, we focus on identifying the most critical areas of development for each coach, pinpointing gaps, and strategizing on how to address them. Through my 1:1 coaching sessions, I get an intimate look at the daily experiences of financial coaches, providing insights that are incredibly valuable across the board.

We limit the number of coaches because I want to ensure each business, each coach, gets my full attention—something I can only commit to for a select few each year. Upon joining I conduct a thorough investigation into their business to understand where they stand and what we need to work on together.

Key Questions and Analyses

The onboarding process includes probing questions designed to get coaches thinking critically about their business:

  • Where are you most struggling?
  • What aspects of your business are thriving?
  • What are your goals for the coming year?
  • How many clients do you currently serve?
  • What’s your current revenue?
  • What specific areas are you looking to improve this year?

A crucial step in this process is the Offer Analysis. This tells me a lot about a coach’s viability and potential for success. If you’re not excited about your offer, it will be challenging to talk about it confidently, making it harder to attract new clients.

Common Challenges and Insights

Many coaches enter the program not entirely in love with their offer, uncertain if it’s the best fit, or overwhelmed by having too many offers without gaining significant traction with any. The key is to focus on what excites you about your offer; this excitement is contagious and will naturally attract clients. Remember, perfection is unattainable from the start; it’s more about finding something you’re passionate about and refining it over time.

Another area of focus is the Niche Analysis, ensuring coaches are clear on who they want to work with. This clarity impacts all aspects of their business, from marketing to offer structuring. Identifying a niche can be a journey, but it’s essential for targeted, effective coaching.

The Brand Analysis is another critical component, where I compare a coach’s aspirations with their actual output. This involves examining their website, branding, social media, and overall messaging for cohesiveness and effectiveness.

Observations and Advice

The coaches in the Elite program are at various stages of their business development, with some already having a solid brand and others still trying to figure it out. The most cohesive brands usually come from those who have worked extensively with clients, as this experience refines their messaging.

A common pitfall for many coaches is the comparison trap, looking at what others are doing and feeling they should emulate it, rather than focusing on what truly aligns with their vision and goals.

The Journey Forward

As we wrap up, it’s clear that many coaches are still fine-tuning their offers, wrestling with questions about length, content, pricing, and overall structure. The key is to find certainty in your offer, as this confidence directly translates into sales and conversions.

Are you experiencing any of these challenges? Reflecting on these areas can provide clearer insight into your own business and what steps you might take next.

If joining the Elite Coaching Program and being personally mentored by me interests you, email us! This is your chance to make a significant investment in yourself and your financial coaching business, setting you on the path to the results you’ve always wanted.