Nine Tips for Your Next TV Interview

Make the most of your video interview with these 9 must-do tips. Click below to watch my companion video in our free private Facebook group just for Financial Coaches! Local media is always looking for people to interview on personal finance stuff, especially around holidays, end of the year, tax season and any other dates that have a price tag associated with them.  Also, they are looking for comment or clarification on current events and recent trends in personal finance. First, make yourself visible to the people that want to interview you. Here are a few basic things you can [...]

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Kelsa was Featured on AZ Family Channel 3 Talking About Taxes

Arizona's Family The tax deadline was Tuesday, April 18, 2017, and if you're giving a sigh of relief thinking you don't have to think about it for another year, well our financial coach, Kelsa Dickey of Fiscal Fitness says think again. “This is the best time to start thinking about taxes for next year,” Dickey said. Dickey says tax time can be overwhelming. However, it doesn't have to be that way if you start planning right now, as in a full year in advance. “The idea is that we really want to put some systems in place so that this time next year, [...]

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Can your clients see your eyes? Tips for lighting your virtual appointments.

Can your clients see your eyes and other non-verbals during their virtual appointment? I finished up a busy morning of virtual appointments today and thought of the big difference between virtual and live client coaching meetings.  Non-verbal communication can be extremely difficult when you are working virtually. Non-verbal communication is key... It can be hard to see clients' reactions and get an insight into how they are really feeling.  Also, clients may not be able to see your face or your eyes to see your reactions to what they are saying!  They want to see the elation in your eyes [...]

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