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The Financial Coaching Playbook is a how-to guide for creating, running or refining your financial coaching business (with heaps of inspiration thrown in for good measure!). This book provides the guidance and support coaches need to confidently pursue a coaching career – be it full-time or as a side hustle. But it also provides the space to confidently design the business you want to run. Through more than 10 years of coaching clients and teaching other coaches, I know this is true: Financial coaching is the most rewarding way to make a living and no two coaching businesses are alike. The goal of this book is to show you what’s possible as a financial coach. It gives you the lessons, prompts and space to design your unique coaching business.

It’s a book and a workbook in one.

Think of the Financial Coaching Playbook as a guide within a business book. It gives you plenty of information to read, reflect on and digest, but it also gives you space and prompts to work through, helping you to design your perfect business.

By the end of the book, you’ll have not only a great reference for building a financial coaching business, but you’ll also have the play-by-play of how to build, run, and grow it.

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Topics Covered in the Financial Coaching Playbook

What You’ll Learn
And What You’ll Do

Determine what kind of financial coaching business you want to create

Figure out who you want to work with

How to set up shop and get your first client

Designing your coaching program

Marketing, sales and selling to your ideal clients and prospects

Creating content your clients and potential clients want and need

Helping clients set goals, examine values, and address their money fears

Revenue streams beyond one-on-one financial coaching

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Kelsa Dickey

Author and Financial Coach

Kelsa Dickey is a financial coach for people who want clarity around their finances and confidence in their money decisions. She’s here to change the world through financial coaching by inspiring and building a community of coaches who share her vision and values. Kelsa’s trained hundreds of coaches through the Financial Coach Academy® – her online course about how to create and run a successful financial coaching business.

Kelsa has appeared on and provided money insights for USA Today, CNN Money, Yahoo, and MSN Money. When she’s not coaching clients, training coaches, or plotting her next great business idea, you can find Kelsa chasing after her kids Carmen and Alex, hiking trails in and around Phoenix, or squeezing in a date night with her hubby and business partner Michael.

Financial Coaching Playbook author

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Should you buy the Financial Coaching Playbook?

Who This Book Is For

  • People who are thinking about starting a financial coaching business

  • People who want to start coaching as a side hustle

  • People who have started a coaching business but are getting bogged down by the details

  • Veteran coaches who want to refine their business processes and stop winging it

Who This Book Is NOT For

  • Someone who is not or does not want to become a financial coach

  • People who are looking for advice on how to improve their own financial situation

What Coaches are Saying About the Financial Coaching Playbook

“Kelsa Dickey not only shows the aspiring financial coach exactly how to get started but also gives established coaches new ideas to improve their practices. Kelsa provides real and inspiring advice so coaches are prepared for actual coaching challenges and understand how to address them. A must read for anyone considering a financial coaching career!” – Brad Finch

“This is a must-read book for aspiring financial coaches that want to build a business that transforms their life and those they coach. Kelsa has a special knack in providing thought-provoking ideas and financial concepts to curtail hardships that coaches go through while building and growing their own business. I highly suggest that you keep this playbook on your shelf for a quick reference as you grow and learn in your journey. That is where you will find my copy.” – Cynthia Anderson

“Kelsa’s informal, conversational style of communicating makes a person feel like they are sitting in her office having a friendly chat. Her insights and resources are time-savers for the new coach. That she is efficient and productive is evident and she readily shares a myriad of tips and tricks to inspire even the seasoned coach. Information is well-delivered in an upbeat, practical format that can be referred to time and again!” – Nancy Kehr

Being a solo-preneur trying to build a successful financial coaching business, I’ve often wished there was a guide I could open up that would show me exactly what to do next. This is that guide. Lessons it took me months to learn are taught in pages. Kelsa does a fantastic job walking potential financial coaches through the process of setting up a business in a thorough and simple to follow series of steps. She not only addresses the introspective work that must be done to best find and serve your ideal client, but also much of the nitty gritty day-to-day work of running a service business.” – Kate Moody

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