Creating and running your own business is not for the faint of heart. Financial coaching is an empowering and inspiring career path, but it’s also not an easy one. Nothing worth creating and building ever is. And we don’t want you to forget it.

Even though you’re a coach, and you’re used to coaching other people through difficult situations and decisions, that doesn’t mean you don’t need your own coaching from time to time. Let us be your coach.

Here are five affirmations you can use when you question your worth, when you’ve been told no one too many times, or when you just need to be reminded that you’re an awesome coach.

An Affirmation That There is Value In What You Do

My clients invest in areas they need help with. I am good with managing my money, so I might not invest in financial coaching, but my clients struggle with this area of their life. That’s why they will see value in what I offer just as I invest in areas where I need help.

An Affirmation For When Imposter Syndrome Creeps In

The best way to overcome imposter syndrome is with action. The best way to believe in myself as a financial coach is to repeatedly say I am one. I am ready to take action and ready to claim my title as Financial Coach!

An Affirmation For When You’ve Heard “No” Too Many Times

Rejection is normal. Rejection is a part of business. If I am pushing myself and making offers to help people, rejection will occur. They are not rejecting ME. I am committed to helping a lot of people and for many years to come. Rejection will not stop me. I am strong.

An Affirmation In Case No One Has Told You Recently You’re a Good Coach

I am a coach. I am a financial coach. I am a damn good financial coach. 

An Affirmation For When You Question Your Worth

The value and benefits I deliver to my clients far outweigh the cost of my coaching. My ideal clients see that and want to invest in themselves.

If you need monthly, weekly, or daily reminders of any one of these things, get our free download with these financial coaching affirmations by signing up below. Print them out, put them in places when you can see them, and say them to yourself often. Because YOU are a damn good financial coach. We don’t want you to forget it.