The #1 Way for Financial Coaches to Market their Business and Services (Video)

Financial Coach Kelsa Dickey talks about the BEST way to market yourself as a financial coach so you can have a steady stream of clients dying to work with you.

This certainly isn’t the ONLY way to market yourself as a financial coach, but me and my team consider it to be a non-negotiable strategy. We know the most tried, tested, and true way to grow a sustainable, long-lasting financial coaching business is by building strong and real relationships with referral partners.

Sure, that does not sound sexy at all.  Referral partners are certainly not a new idea. You probably wanted to hear about sales funnels, and Instagram hashtags, and Facebook ads. And we’ve done training on all those strategies as well.

So trust me, it’s not that you SHOULDN’T consider those other high tech and new marketing strategies too. But we consider all of those efforts SUPPLEMENTAL to the strategy of building solid referral relationships.

Our financial coaching business, Fiscal Fitness Phoenix, has been around since 2008. And a lot of things have changed since we opened our doors. For example, back in the day:

  • Instagram wasn’t even a thing then.
  • Facebook didn’t have business pages, groups or ads.
  • You needed a .edu email address to sign up for Facebook – remember that?
  • Pinterest – not a thing yet.
  • Tiktok – yeah right, not even an idea yet!

All of these platforms have either started or changed sooooo significantly over the years that I can’t ever imagine relying on them as our main marketing strategy.

The one thing that has never changed, though, is the power and consistency of good, rich leads that I get from referral partners. 

What Is A Referral Partner, Exactly?

Referral partners for financial coaches are other professionals who are working with or are in front of your ideal client on a regular basis. And they’re likely to hear that the individual needs your help in some way. And when this happens, their ears perk up the referral partner recommends that person to you. They do a “soft sell” on what you do, who they know that you’ve already helped, and how they can get in touch with you. They essentially do the job of initially selling you to the person.

  • When it comes to referral partners, you may be asking:
  • How do I reach out to them?
  • What do I say and not say?
  • How can I implement a strategy for harnessing the power of referral partners?

Watch the training video below for answers to these questions and our full referral partner marketing strategy:


Resources Mentioned:

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