Most financial coaches agree that prospecting new clients is something they hate!

And because prospecting is not fun we typically avoid it like the plague! But, in reality, we are probably missing out on being able to actually help people as well as leaving money on the table! Your business

Bill Luhrs, a financial coach that focuses on retirement and self managed investing and also a Financial Coach Academy graduate, has taken the old, boring and tedious action of prospecting for clients and modernized it by making it a game!

Watch this video of Bill being interviewed by Kelsa and you can learn his system and get out of a prospecting rut.

You can find a sample of Bill’s prospecting spreadsheet by clicking here.

In the interview you will learn:

  • What is Bill tracking on this spreadsheet?
  • What goals or metrics does he have set up for each of those?
  • Is it flexible or rigid? 
  • Was it always exactly as it is right now or have there been some variations along the way until you got it right?
    • What were those variations? (in case others think they’ll work better for them)
    • What did Bill like or not like about them?
  • A day in the life of Bill and how he specifically blocks his time for maximum efficiency.
  • What tools and software he uses
  • How many touches it takes Bill to convert a client
  • And much more!



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