Build your brand with Youtube to create massive reach!

Financial coach and Youtube rockstar Brittany Waters is based in Toronto, Canada and is a graduate of the Financial Coach Academy. She is tackling financial stress for millennial women and rocking it.

Not only is she pursuing normal marketing avenues such as networking events and social media, she also has created an amazing Youtube Channel.

In the following video, Kelsa talks to Brittany about Youtube:

  • It’s pros and cons
  • What people are searching for
  • How to get started
    • Idea generation
    • Channel creation
    • Scheduling
    • Formatting
  • How to reach your ideal client
  • What her day consists of
    • Her process from idea creation to recording to publishing and promoting
  • The software and resources she uses to create content
  • Strategies to create reach
  • Monetization
  • How to build and convert subscribers
  • And much more!

Here is a list of Brittany’s favorite Youtube resources:

Brittany’s YouTube Channel:

  1. Keywords everywhere (Chrome extension) – search results and search volume for keywords *just moved to paid ‘credits’ model to discourage bots, $2 per month (approx) – 
  2. Tube Buddy: (affiliate link) 
  3. Teleprompter App (Brittany uses free version but paid version is $10):
  4. Sunny Lenarduzzi Channel (free content):
  5. Paid Course: YouTube for Bosses
  6. Financial Coach Academy:
  7. Financial Coaching Symposium: 


Why we think Youtube is great and something to consider!

Youtube is a great resource that we use almost daily.  It is the second most used social media platform after Facebook.  Just like the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” a video is worth a million.

Not only does a video training or tutorial provide valuable information that people are searching for.  It also provides the opportunity for people to see and hear you and get to know, like and trust you without ever meeting you.

A Youtube video is more personal than a blog post or even a Facebook post. And for those people that are truly visual learners, showing them a tutorial with a step by step process is way more effective with video.

Consider Youtube as your next marketing resource to build your brand and grow your client base.

This post contains affiliate links and are listed as such.