Over the past 10 years, we’ve held dozens hundreds of financial workshops through Fiscal Fitness Phoenix – some in person, others virtual, some shorter in length while others longer, some for just a few people, and others with hundreds in attendance.

I’m proud to say we’ve done a lot of things right over the past 10 years. And I’m not embarrassed to admit that we tried some things that didn’t work too (that’s for another post). I followed some experts’ advice on what we should or shouldn’t do and some ideas were our own. The end result is a wildly successful and popular financial workshop that we finally honed a successful strategy for!

Here’s one strategy I feel passionately about, which is why I’m sharing them with you!

Under Promise, Over Deliver and Become the Hero of Financial Workshops

Listen, EVERYONE is doing seminars or workshops, generally for free, and they consider them lead generators. The typical approach is to give a little bit of information, maybe a nugget or two, and then up-sell into becoming a client or buying a product.

Well, guess what? Consumers caught on! So now this approach is totally expected and our future clients have lost a desire to attend any financial workshops. Do you want to stand out? Then be different!

Our approach is to totally WOW the participants so we don’t hold anything back. We give them everything they need to do things on their own. We give them all the answers. We overdeliver. Proudly.

And the results abound…

  1. First, they rave about the workshop to friends, family, coworkers, etc. We get so many people who register and say, “I heard about you from so-and-so who attended and loved it.” The participants become our breathing, walking, living ambassadors!
  2. Second, for those who feel they can make these budgeting changes on their own, we are their heroes because we just gave them the tools and the plan to do it! And for those who find they continue to struggle with the changes, they don’t blame us. In fact, they trust us and they come back ready to dive into coaching and can’t wait to get our help!
  3. Finally, the participants go back to the person who referred them – sometimes a financial advisor, CPA or another referral partner or sometimes a client – and they rave about us! It makes the referral partner look good. It makes the client proud that I’m their coach. It makes us look good. And the workshop participant is happy and getting results too! It’s a win-win-win-win!

This idea of “be careful delivering too much during your workshops” is crap. Deliver too much. Try it, I’m not sure it can even be done. Wow your participants – impress them and help them to get results either through your workshop OR by hiring you afterward. Trust that it will happen and that the long-term pay off far outweighs the immediate client you may get by providing only a nugget of good information.

Like this strategy and want to hear two more?

I did a Facebook live video going over this strategy as well as two other steps I think we do really well with our financial workshops. Join our private group for aspiring and veteran coaches called Financial Coaches Unite and then CLICK HERE to watch the video!

Tell us – what steps do you take during your workshops that you can share with others? What have you tried that didn’t work well – those lessons are just as valuable to share as well.