How to Reach Out to Prospects: Making Cold Calls to Warm Leads

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Making cold calls to prospects and leads is challenging for most financial coaches. Here are a few tips and one major mental shift to make before picking up the phone. We’ve been holding our 21-Day Challenge for financial coaches a couple of times a year over the past two years. It’s a friendly competition of sorts to help us and the other participating coaches do some lightning-fast growth and business-building over the course of 21 days. One of the tasks in the challenge is to call five people who have expressed an interest in coaching. And even though this has tremendous [...]

Hiring Your First Assistant

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How do you hire your first assistant for your financial coaching business? Hiring your first support person or assistant, I believe, is a much harder step to take in your business than launching it. It’s hard for a lot of reasons. Often times, the business owner is busy doing all the things. And there’s value in doing things when you first start. You learn what you like and don’t like. You learn how to put together a system or a workflow or a client journey if you’ve yet to do that previously. You learn the ins and outs of things [...]

Finding and Growing Referral Partnerships as a Financial Coach

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Word-of-mouth is a terrific form of advertising for your financial coaching business. When your friend or even a friend-of-a-friend makes a recommendation about anything from their favorite shampoo to the next great restaurant, you’re more than likely going to remember it and are probably more likely to try it than you would have without that endorsement.  That’s why referrals are one of the most effective tools for building your financial coaching business. Having referral partners is like having a built-in sales team that already knows who your potential clients are and what you do. It’s a match made is business-development [...]

Financial Coaches Unite 21-day New Year Challenge

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We are so excited for our 21-day Business-Boosting Challenge to kick off on January 15th!! It's just 21-days long --->You can do ANYTHING for 21 days!! :) We are on a mission to empower financial coaches like you to up-level your business, achieve greater results with your clients and overall, grow as an entrepreneur and as a person! Chances are, you excel with a little bit of friendly competition and positive peer pressure - well this challenge is perfect for you then! Every day there are a number of activities to complete in order to earn points. Most of these [...]

Cold vs. Warm vs. Qualified: Know Your Leads, Know Your Growth

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How to Get More Financial Coaching Clients Through Your Sales Funnel Owning your own business, especially if you’re just starting, will have you thinking a lot about leads. Where do your best leads come from? How can you get more? How can you move them quickly through your sales funnel? These are questions many an entrepreneur has pondered in the middle of the night. We qualify leads in one of three ways; cold, warm and qualified. How we classify each and how we gear our marketing and messaging toward them is different. Here’s how and why. Nurturing Cold Leads Cold [...]

$68k in debt to full time financial coach; Kelsa interviews Kacy Smith.

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Kelsa talks with Kacy Smith about her journey from $68k in debt to being a full time financial coach! Most financial coaches follow a similar journey. They start with transforming their own personal finances and realize that they would love to help others feel the same freedom they felt by paying off debt, getting on a budget and having savings in place. Part time to full time challenges The first challenge for most people is the transition to making it a legitimate part time business while maintaining their regular 9-5 job and family life. The biggest challenge is usually that [...]

The Many Faces of a Financial Coach – Kacy Smith

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The purpose of The Many Faces of a Financial Coach blog series is to inspire up-and-coming and veteran coaches alike. Our mission is to show the beautiful uniqueness to coaches overall while telling their story, describing their niche and allowing them to offer tips & advice to other coaches. Profiles of coaches are not necessarily participants or graduates of the Financial Coach Academy training program (although some are). It's purely for inspirational purposes only. Name Kacy Smith Website http://straightcents.com When did you start your Financial Coaching business?  August 18, 2018  Tell us about your journey to becoming a financial coach. [...]

Using Youtube to build your financial coaching practice – Interview with Brittany Waters

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Build your brand with Youtube to create massive reach! Financial coach and Youtube rockstar Brittany Waters is based in Toronto, Canada and is a graduate of the Financial Coach Academy. She is tackling financial stress for millennial women and rocking it. Not only is she pursuing normal marketing avenues such as networking events and social media, she also has created an amazing Youtube Channel. In the following video, Kelsa talks to Brittany about Youtube: It's pros and cons What people are searching for How to get started Idea generation Channel creation Scheduling Formatting How to reach your ideal client What [...]

Gamify your prospecting- an interview with Bill Luhrs

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Most financial coaches agree that prospecting new clients is something they hate! And because prospecting is not fun we typically avoid it like the plague! But, in reality, we are probably missing out on being able to actually help people as well as leaving money on the table! Your business Bill Luhrs, a financial coach that focuses on retirement and self managed investing and also a Financial Coach Academy graduate, has taken the old, boring and tedious action of prospecting for clients and modernized it by making it a game! Watch this video of Bill being interviewed by Kelsa and [...]

Tough Client Conversations: When Your Coaching Style Isn’t Working

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Here’s the scenario: You get an email from your client. It’s not a good email. In it, they say they’re not sure if your coaching style is working for them. They still want to have a conversation, so the door is not closed, but it’s not as open as you may have thought. What do you do? Beg them to stay? Call it quits? Close up shop and do something else with your life entirely? (Definitely, no to that last one. You got this.) First, let me say this: This kind of email isn’t uncommon. If you've been in business [...]

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