My Last Day In Corporate America

Eleven years ago today was my last day in Corporate America.  It was the day I became a full-time financial coach. I remember thinking, "I'll give it a year...and if I can't cut it, if I'm crazy and this 'coaching thing' doesn't work out, I'll just go back into Corporate America." In other words, I totally didn't expect it to become what it has.  My business was my first baby.  Michael was soooo supportive!! He was my biggest cheerleader at this time - in other words, not much has changed! I was clueless at how to communicate my value and [...]

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Why We Never Say Never

Don’t Be So Rigid in Your Coaching There’s a school of thought with some financial coaches that all credit cards are bad. They think people who have gotten themselves into credit card debt need to work their way out, month-by-month, payment-by-payment, and that the credit cards they have are the credit cards they are stuck with. Because of this way of thinking, that means some coaches will never tell their clients about the option of possibly taking advantage of a balance transfer. A zero percent credit card might be available to them, and even if that person is paying 25% [...]

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Client exercise: Buyer’s remorse

We have all felt buyer's remorse at some point and boy isn't it painful? It stings a little for sure. There's no doubt our clients have experienced that gut-wrenching feeling too. It may be easy to dismiss this feeling since we've all done it. But it's the pesky little things that can lead to doubt, a lack of confidence, and the inability to trust yourself with financial decisions. As financial coaches, we can help our clients by helping them to identify the factors that contribute to regrettable money choices. Below is a quick exercise you can give your client - [...]

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Tough Client Conversations: What To Do If a Client Asks You for a Discount

Years ago, I found myself getting offended when people would ask for a discount on my coaching. My time was valuable. I set that price for a reason. Why would anyone think I would charge them less just because? But then I had to step back and make a mental shift around discounts. I told myself, "It's great that they ask. They should ask. It doesn't mean I have to say yes, and it doesn't mean they don't value what I'm offering." In fact, I challenge my clients to ask for a better price when they're buying something just to [...]

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Financial Coaches Unite 2019 21-day Challenge

UPDATE: ENROLLMENT IN THE CHALLENGE IS NOW CLOSED! CHECK BACK SO YOU CAN JOIN IN NEXT TIME! We are so excited for all the new year has in store and we want to kick 2019 off with a bang! As our industry continues to grow and thrive we can't wait to see what you all have in store too! We want everyone to start the year out strong, so we've designed a challenge for financial coaches to step outside of their comfort zones and focus on their business (and their lives)! This challenge is meant to be fun and encourages [...]

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Why Your Approach to Money will Get you More Clients

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to money.   Depending on the person I’m coaching and the financial situation they are in, I will employ a bunch of different strategies to help them meet their financial goals.  I recognize the strategies I use might be different than the ones you would use. And that’s ok. One of the beautiful things about financial coaching is that there is no right way to do things. We each have our own ideas of the best strategies to pay off debt, to shore up savings, or to plan for retirement. Those differences are definitely a [...]

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What materials and deliverables do you get in Financial Coach Academy

Check out the massive value and amount of downloads and videos you get when you enroll in the Financial Coach Academy! Below is a list of what is provided in the Financial Coach Academy - we provide all the questionnaires and worksheets that we use for clients, all of which are licensed for you to recreate and use for your financial coaching business. We go into detail on how to select and build relationships with financial advisors and other referral partners. We go over the coaching meeting from on-boarding, the meeting itself, and then following up. We highlight the strategies [...]

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The Many Faces of a Financial Coach – Chiante Jones

The purpose of The Many Faces of a Financial Coach blog series is to inspire up-and-coming and veteran coaches alike. Our mission is to show the beautiful uniqueness to coaches overall while telling their story, describing their niche and allowing them to offer tips & advice to other coaches. Profiles of coaches are not necessarily participants or graduates of the Financial Coach Academy training program (although some are). It's purely for inspirational purposes only. Name Chiante Jones Website www.DollarsandChangeCoach.com When did you start your Financial Coaching business? July 2018 Tell us about your journey to becoming a financial coach. When [...]

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Value-Based Pricing, Part Three: Selling Your Value

This is the third of a three-part blog series about value-based pricing for financial coaches. For the first part of this series, Ditch Your Hourly Rate, click here. For the second part, Determine Your Value, click here. Knowing your value is one thing. Selling your value is a whole other ball game. But one that deserves your attention and practice. If you’ve done the exercise in the second part of this series, you already know there is an immense value in the service you provide, one that has both an immediate impact and long-term benefits for your clients. Knowing those [...]

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Value-Based Pricing, Part Two: Determine Your Value

This is the second of a three-part blog series about value-based pricing for financial coaches. For the first part of this series, Ditch Your Hourly Rate, click here. At this point, I hope you are ready to ditch your hourly rate and figure out your value. This post isn’t going to tell you what dollar amount you should attach to your value - only you know that - but instead will inspire you to do a few things: See your value Be able to clearly communicate what it is Give you the confidence to price yourself for what you are [...]

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