financial coaching social media tips and tricks

Dying to learn how you can streamline your social media marketing efforts?

Do you often wonder-
“Are there faster ways to be doing this?”
“Could I be leveraging my content better?”
Well then I have the perfect resource for you.

Let me set the stage.

Every month in the Official Financial Coach Mastermind, we choose an area of our business to focus on. This month the theme was social media marketing. We do live coaching calls throughout the month and each one looks a little different. Sometimes it’s a general Q&A session and other times the meeting serves a very specific purpose.

That was the case for this most recent Mastermind session. We got together to share tips, tricks and hacks that make our social media efforts faster and all around better. These ideas will absolutely boost your marketing efforts, streamline your process and improve your productivity. Some of them legit blew my mind.

Would you love to know the 32 social media tricks that were shared? You can. I want you to have them!
The better your marketing efforts are as a financial coach, the more people you will reach. And the more people you reach, the more people you will be able to help and that fulfills my mission – to take the stress out of money in our world!