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📣 Calling All Financial Coaches 📣

If you’re serious about creating a successful, profitable financial coaching business, the Financial Coach Academy® Mastermind was literally designed for you.

The Mastermind isn’t just another “thing” you have to do — it’s real-time support and accountability that is laser-focused on helping you build the financial coaching business of your dreams, whether you’ve made $0 or you’ve been running a 6-figure financial coaching business for a few years.

If you’re a financial coach who is actively working to build or grow your business, you’ve probably felt like you’re…

  • Spinning your wheels trying to figure out what “sticks” and attracts your dream clients

  • Stuck at your current income level because everything you’ve tried hasn’t worked (or if it has worked, it hasn’t been the “magic bullet” that you’d hoped for)

  • Not cut out to be a coach (let alone run your own business!) because you haven’t hit those benchmarks you set…yet

  • DONE trying to figure this out because it’s all too hard, and you’re sick and tired of being the only one with ideas (or making decisions)

Imagine what it would feel like if you didn’t have to handle any of those feelings alone anymore.

Just picture being able to share your concerns, your questions, and your ideas with a supportive group of financial coaches who were actively building their businesses right alongside you.

THAT is what the Financial Coach Academy® Mastermind is all about. The Mastermind provides real-time advice, weekly prompts, challenges, and training designed to move you from stuck to massive momentum.

In fact, when we asked our Mastermind members what they felt was the biggest “perk,” they said that they absolutely loved…

  • Getting “unstuck” faster because when they need help, they get insights and feedback from their peers (and the Mastermind leadership).

  • Being able to get feedback (and a second set of eyes) on their social posts, sales pages, and emails when they were feeling like things weren’t quite clicking.

  • Receiving support from real humans who are working on building their own financial coaching businesses.

  • Not worrying about “analysis paralysis” – instead of getting stuck in their own head, they just ask their fellow mastermind members.

  • Taking targeted, effective action in their businesses and knowing that win or lose, they have a cohort of real financial coaches who have been there, done that, or are going through the same thing.

  • Being surrounded by coaches who are actually taking action & sharing what’s working (and what’s not).

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The Financial Coach Academy® Mastermind is where you figure out how to make “this” a business. “This” passion project. “This” side gig. “This” dream.

Intrigued? Here’s what our Mastermind members receive:

  • Access to our exclusive, highly active Mastermind Group (on Facebook)

  • Real-time feedback

  • Various challenges to help you grow  your financial coaching business

  • Exclusive guides to help you determine your best next step to get closer to (and reach!) your goals

  • Monthly celebration calls where you get to share your wins & reflect on your progress

  • Responsive trainings & guest experts on the topics that you want training on

  • Guest experts & bonus calls based on the member’s needs

  • Monthly Q&A calls with Kelsa & Jaclyn

  • Weekly accountability prompts to keep you moving forward

  • Quarterly kick-off calls to map your success path

Plus, Mastermind members also receive two (pretty awesome) bonuses:

Think Like a CEO Virtual Retreat

The Think Like a CEO Virtual Retreat is normally $997, but our Mastermind members attend for FREE*. 

Spend two days with Kelsa thinking about your life and business. Both days will have a mix of live facilitated coaching as well as private and individual work. This is the only event led exclusively by Kelsa each year.  

Client Creator Challenge

The Challenge is normally $997, but our Mastermind members get complimentary access*. 

In fact, in 2021, the coaches who finished the challenge averaged $2,897 in NEW CLIENT revenue per coach! And, in 2022, 28 (totally awesome) financial coaches added 147 BRAND NEW CLIENTS to their rosters, generating an average of $6,625 in NEW revenue per coach!

*These benefits apply during a member’s active enrollment in the Mastermind. If a member chooses to cancel their membership and becomes inactive before/during either of these events, their participation in them will expire with their membership.

And because this is a financial coach mastermind, we provide training, invite guest experts, and share resources that matter to you. Over the years, we’ve covered…

  • Refining your ideal client and ideal client message

  • Program design

  • Sales conversations

  • Social media marketing

  • Building & strengthening referral relationships

  • Content and course creation

  • Business goal setting

You know that “fish out of the water” feeling? Yeah, you won’t have it here.

The Mastermind is designed so that you hit the ground running, which is why your first month in the Mastermind is focused on connecting with our community & preparing to make massive changes in your business.

So…Should You Join the Mastermind?

You’re a perfect fit for the Mastermind if you…

  • are working your way through, or have completed, the Financial Coach Academy®.

  • have a full plate & have NO idea how to create systems, carve out time, or outsource projects to take your business to the next level.

  • want to fast-track your business growth & grow your client list (and referral base).

  • wish you had actual accountability to help you implement all the great ideas you have.

  • find yourself full of inspiration and energy when you are part of a group of people working toward similar goals.

We’re serious when we say this: it does not matter if you’re just starting and haven’t signed any clients yet, or if you’ve generated 6+ figures in your financial coaching business for the past couple of years (or if you’re anywhere in between). If you want to build & grow a successful financial coaching business, the Mastermind is where you need to be. 

That being said, if financial coaching is just a hobby, the Mastermind probably isn’t for you (and that’s totally okay, by the way).

Meet Your Mentors

Hi, we’re Kelsa & Jaclyn, your fearless mastermind leaders. Kelsa is the founder of Fiscal Fitness PHX and The Financial Coach Academy®, and she L-O-V-E-S running the Mastermind. Jaclyn is your go-to for just about everything from program materials to guest experts to questions, and coaching (she’s an absolutely indispensable part of the Mastermind – we could not have the quality of content or mentorship that we have without her support!).

We believe that as financial coaches, we have the power to change the world. In fact, it’s why Kelsa started coaching more than a decade ago, and why Jaclyn left her teaching position & joined the Fiscal Fitness PHX team in 2019.

This belief is also at the very core of the Financial Coach Academy®.

We believe that there should be (and is!) a financial coach training program that is accessible to anyone who wants to be a financial coach (and shows everyone what our team has learned over 10 years of financial coaching). That way, we can help more coaches coach more people.

The Financial Coach Academy® is our way to help as many people get financial coaching as possible. And the Mastermind is our way of helping YOU stay motivated, successful, and LOVING what you do.

We are joined by an amazing team of financial coaches and topical experts, as well as incredible guests, as our Mastermind members need more training or information in areas that our team does not cover (we are pretty awesome, but we also know that we don’t know all the things…at least, not yet!).

Want to join us?

Enrollment in the Mastermind is only offered once per year, on a first-come, first-served basis and requires a minimum six-month commitment.  Enrollment is now closed for 2023.  Join the waitlist below for 2024!

Semi-Annual Pricing

  • Billed when you sign up. Pay in full and get 1 month free every 6 months! Your membership automatically renews every 6 months.

Monthly Pricing

  • Billed upon enrollment and then on the last day of the month. Commit for 6 months but pay monthly.

Enrollment in the official Financial Coach Academy Mastermind is now closed for 2023. Join the waitlist and be the first to know when registration is officially open for 2024.

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