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Have you found yourself spinning your wheels trying this and that but never getting any more clients?

Do you feel like you’re trying to build your financial coaching business alone with little to no support?

Are you frustrated because you want to do more and make more money, but you have no idea how to do more than you’re already doing?

The Financial Coach Academy Mastermind is for financial coaches who want help, support and accountability while becoming a successful, kick ass coach.


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Get Support and Become a Master Coach

Being a financial coach isn’t for the faint of heart.

It takes the drive of an entrepreneur, the knowledge of a financial professional on top of their game, and the skills of a coach to get people to change their behavior.

This unique set of traits is one of the reasons why I love financial coaches so much. You are a special breed. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

But even being the awesome coach that you are won’t stop you from having days where you question if you know what you’re doing.

Does this sound all too familiar?

It’s really common for coaches, especially those who are actively trying to build or grow their business, to feel all that:

— you’re spinning your wheels trying to move the needle forward.

— you’re never going to move past where you are now because you can’t figure out a better way.

— there’s no way you’re cut out to be a coach or run a business. Those negative thoughts are no joke.

— you’re ready to throw in the towel because it all feels too hard and you’re sick of doing this all alone.

I’ve had all of these thoughts before too. I almost gave up on coaching several times. The reasons why varied, but they boiled down to these few simple truths:

  • I needed better systems.
  • I needed someone to hold me accountable.
  • I needed people in my life who got what I was trying to do.
  • I didn’t have a community who could support me and cheer me on.

And that right there is why I created the Financial Coach Mastermind.

The Mastermind will stop you from feeling alone, from feeling like you’re stuck, from feeling like you’re not cut out to be a coach. You are.

How the Mastermind Helps Coaches

There is a lot that goes into being a successful coach and running a coaching business. That’s why there’s a lot that goes into the Mastermind.


The Mastermind provides real-time advice, weekly prompts, challenges, and training designed to move you from just starting out to mastery on a variety of topics, quickly. And because this is a financial coach mastermind, we’re guaranteed to cover topics that relate specifically to financial coaching.

Some of the topics we have covered include:

  • Refining your ideal client and ideal client message
  • Program design
  • Sales conversations
  • Social media marketing
  • Building and strengthening referral relationships
  • Content and course creation
  • Business goal setting


Built into the monthly mastermind training are live coaching calls, real-time feedback, and relevant guest speakers and presenters. We focus on providing training from a variety of experts so you can move all aspects of your business forward.

We also have our own support team hopping into the group regularly to answer members questions about everything from setting up scheduling software to giving feedback on materials to FB live responses on a particular coaching challenge.


If you’re a solopreneur, business building can feel very isolating.

This is where the Mastermind really shines.

This group, hoo-boy, this group. They are in it to win it. They work hard. They ask great questions. They are fun. They are kind. They are all financial coaches who bring so much collective experience and wisdom. It’s not anything I can provide alone. It’s the Mastermind’s X factor. And by joining, you’ll add to it no matter your niche, no matter your skills, no matter where you are in your coaching journey. It’s all helpful. It all adds to this already amazing group.

What’s Included in the Mastermind

This is an online group of approximately 50 coaches. We think that’s just the right size. All discussions, training, and documents are housed inside our private Facebook group. We also send assessments, encouragement, and information via email, but the bulk of what happens in the group happens on Facebook.


  • 24/7 access to our private Facebook group of awesome financial coaches

  • At minimum, two live coaching calls per month, where no questions are off limits

  • Special training and specific guidance from Kelsa and her team of experts

  • Challenges to keep you motivated and reward you for accomplishing your goals

  • Weekly intentions, which provide focus every Monday

  • A quarterly growth focus (determined by you) that give you focus, clear goals, and metrics to track and hit so you know you’re making progress on what matters to you and your business most

  • Live mastermind sessions

  • Real-time feedback, coaching, and support (Kelsa’s been known to respond with a 10-minute Facebook live to answer a coach’s question)

  • Client creator challenges that get you more leads and ultimately more clients

  • Custom-designed workbooks that give you step-by-step guidance on a particular area of your business that you’re working on (or maybe struggling in)

  • Accountability and encouragement from like-minded coaches – we’ve got that in spades

  • Celebration sessions (we’re all about celebrating wins!)

The On Ramp:

Get up and running quickly

We only open enrollment in the Mastermind twice a year. That’s because we want to make sure we are dedicating enough time and resources to get the new coaches quickly acclimated into the group.

We want you to hit the ground running and feel comfortable participating in the group as quickly as possible. In fact, your first month in the Mastermind will be focused on creating connection with our community and getting ready to make massive change in you business.

You know that fish out of the water feeling? Yeah, you won’t have it here.

Previously, the Mastermind was only open to coaches who were enrolled in or had previously enrolled in our signature financial coach training program, the Financial Coach Academy®. We’ve eliminated that requirement.

While the Academy does provide a solid foundation and is referenced often in the Mastermind, we have had a handful of coaches who haven’t enrolled in the Academy join the Mastermind and have great success. BUT it takes certain kind of coach.

Read the section below to help determine if the Mastermind is best suited for you.

Who Should Join the Mastermind

  • Coaches working their way through the Financial Coach Academy®. The Mastermind is a great complement to anyone working their way through our signature financial coach training course

  • Coaches who have a full plate and don’t know how to create systems, carve out time, or outsource projects to take their business to the next level

  • Coaches who want to fast track their business growth and grow their client list and referral base

  • Coaches needing accountability to help them implement all the great ideas they have

  • Coaches who thrive from the inspiration and energy from being part of group of people working toward the same goals

Meet Kelsa Dickey And Her Team

Kelsa Dickey, Financial Coach

Why I Love Running the Mastermind

Financial Coaches have the power to change the world. I truly believe that. In fact, it’s why I started coaching more than a decade ago. It’s also why I created the Financial Coach Academy.

I wanted to create a financial coach training program that is accessible to anyone and shows everyone what I and my team have learned over 10 years of financial coaching. That way, we can help more coaches coach more people. The Financial Coach Academy® is our way to help as many people get financial coaching as possible. And the Mastermind is our way of helping those coaching stay motivated, successful, and enjoying financial coaching.

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Systems and Processes
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Leadership and Motivation
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Software and Automations


We only open enrollment in the Mastermind twice a year. Enrollment will open again in August 2023. We typically have around 20 spots available. Enrollment is a on a first come, first served basis.

Enrollment in the Mastermind requires a minimum six-month commitment. But most coaches stay for much longer. It’s hard to quit us. 😉

Semi-Annual Pricing

  • Billed when you sign up. Pay in full and get 1 month free every 6 months! Your membership automatically renews every 6 months.

Monthly Pricing

  • Billed upon enrollment and then on the last day of the month. Commit for 6 months but pay monthly.
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We only open registration for the Mastermind twice a year. Want to be the first to know when that happens? Enter your info below.