Hey fellow coaches, I want to share my journey with social media and how it’s shaped my approach to our world of financial coaching. This isn’t a rant against social media; it’s more about finding a comfy spot with it that works for you.

That Time I Learned Looks Can Be Deceiving

Let’s start with a story. A while back, I hired a business coach who looked like she had it all figured out online. She had a massive following, and her posts were always on point. But here’s the kicker: after I invested a chunk of change, I realized her real-life approach didn’t match her online sparkle. It was a tough lesson in not taking online flash at face value.

The Coach with 275k Followers and Zero Clients from Instagram

Then, there was this other coach I met. He had a whopping 275k followers on Instagram. Impressive, right? But when we chatted, he told me something that totally threw me off – he hadn’t landed a single client through Instagram. It was a refreshing moment of honesty and a reminder that big numbers online don’t always mean business success.

Rethinking How We See Online Presence

These stories made me think. How often do we make snap judgments based on someone’s Instagram or Facebook page? Are we too quick to equate a strong online presence with success or expertise? And what about the other way around – do we doubt ourselves when our social media game isn’t as strong?

Taking Back Control from Social Media

Choosing Real Conversations

I’ve decided not to judge a book by its cover – or a coach by their social media profile. Before I make any decisions, I’m all about real conversations. I’ll ask direct questions like, “How does this post reflect in your actual coaching?” or “Tell me about an experience with a client that shows this value you’re talking about.”

Finding My Content Groove

I also realized I was losing myself in trying to please the algorithm gods. My best moments weren’t coming from perfectly crafted posts but from genuine, in-person interactions. I started to see social media as just one of many tools for conversation, not the end-all and be-all.

Embracing My Inner Financial Artist

I found my peace in long-form content. I was always telling myself, “I’m no good at writing,” but that was just because social media forced me to be snappy and concise – not my style. Once I began treating my content like art, things clicked. It was about expressing myself in my way, not squeezing into the social media mold.

Setting My Social Media Boundaries

Social Media on My Terms

I started treating social media like my email – checking it at set times, not jumping every time a notification popped up. This shift made my interactions more meaningful. I was no longer mindlessly scrolling; I was engaging because I wanted to, not because I felt I had to.

You Do You

In a nutshell, my message to you, fellow coach, is this: find your own way with social media. It’s totally okay if that includes posts and likes, but it’s also okay if it doesn’t. What matters most is connecting with people in a way that feels right and energizing to you. Let’s not forget, at the end of the day, it’s about helping people with their finances, and there are many roads to get there. Keep it real, and trust that your unique approach is your biggest strength.