Financial Coach Training

For experienced coaches as well as those just starting out

The Financial Coach Academy™ is a financial coach training program for people who want to build a successful coaching career, regardless of their current skill level.

This e-course will teach you how to create and efficiently run your financial coaching business all the while learning how to attract clients and lead them to financial independence. Our instructors aren’t academics or researchers: They are financial coaches who teach while also maintaining and growing their 10-year-old financial coaching business.

Our training is practical, specific and relevant. We teach you how to be a successful financial coach.

It doesn’t matter if you have an MBA or have only ever stuck to your own budget. It doesn’t matter if you have a full client load or haven’t even scheduled your first beta client. All you need to join the Academy is a love for personal finance and a desire to help others gain financial freedom.

The Three Pillars of Financial Coaching

In order to run your business, we believe you need to master financial concepts, coaching skills, and have business acumen. It’s what sets the Financial Coach Academy apart from other financial coach training programs. We don’t just focus on financial theories or coaching skills. We look at the whole business.

Financial Knowledge

Get a solid foundation of financial concepts and best practices

Business Acumen

Create efficient, effective systems for managing your business

Coaching Skills

Learn the necessary skills to successfully coach clients

The Financial Coach Academy will help you master all three.

The Financial Coach Academy is currently the only financial coaching training program the meets the education requirements set forth by the Certified Professional Financial Coach program.

Learn about becoming a Certified Financial Coach here

About the Course

We have created two ways for students to take the course. Both options include the same lessons, tutorials, training videos, downloads, and materials, ensuring that you get the best of what we have to offer no matter how you take the course.

THE LIVE COURSE: This course includes real-time feedback and interaction with the Academy’s instructors as well as an interactive, private Facebook community full of financial coaches. The live course is held twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall.

THE SELF-PACED COURSE:  This course allows you to set your own pace and learn at your own speed.

You will receive lifetime access to the Academy’s lessons and materials with both the live and self-paced versions of the course. 

All graduates of the Financial Coach Academy receive lifetime access to the Academy’s materials, a Certificate of Completion and a Financial Coach Academy Graduate Seal for their website and marketing materials. 

LIVE Course Details
SELF-PACED Course Details

Our Financial Coach Training Program Can Help You Build a Lasting, Profitable Business

Be Compensated

What’s better than getting paid? Getting paid to do what you love. You can make money in the financial coaching industry. You can be compensated generously while doing what you love. Let us show you how.

Increase Your Rates

We built our coaching business, Fiscal Fitness Phoenix, from the ground up. We will share the exact systems and strategies that transformed our rates from $50 to $250+/hour.

Value Your Services

It seems counterintuitive that you can create a successful business by helping people who are in debt or bad at paying their bills, but it can be done. And you do not have to undercut or undervalue your services to do it.

Prospect to Success

We have coached thousands of people to take control of their finances. Based on our experience as financial coaches, we know how to move someone from a prospect to a success story. We’ll show you how.

What People Are Saying About the Academy

“I can’t even really believe I was calling myself a financial coach before taking the Financial Coach Academy. The amount of energy, effort, and detail that Kelsa, Michael, and Jill provide, along with the years of experience they bring to the table, is INVALUABLE. I could not recommend this program enough to anybody who is motivated to grow their coaching business and learn from the best of the best.”

“Signing up for this course was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my new career and new venture! It’s full of very useful information, no fluff – just straight-forward tips and strategies to implement step by step! It covers both the coaching and marketing side and includes materials, checklists, forms that I’ve been using in my business from day 1.”

“Kelsa and Michael are an open book. They are very transparent and are setting out to train coaches to help as many people as possible. This academy has far exceeded any expectations I have, and has given me confidence I need to get my coaching practice off and running.”

Who Should Join the Financial Coach Academy™:

  • People Looking for a Career Change 

    If you are good with your money, love helping your friends and family with their budgets as a hobby or side hustle, and want to turn your passion into a career, the Academy is for you. Same goes for financial professionals and entrepreneurs who want to move away from corporate America and start your own financial coaching business.

  • Financial Advisors 

    If you are a financial advisor who wants to add services and value to your clients or to focus on day-to-day finances rather than investments and insurance, the Academy is for you.

  • Established Financial Coaches

    If you are an established financial coach who wants to take your business to the next level by gaining mastery of business concepts while getting advanced training in financial and coaching skills, the Academy is for you.

  • New Financial Coaches

    If you are a burgeoning financial coach who wants to have evidence-based systems in place, gain mastery of more advanced financial concepts and coaching strategies and graduate with a proven business model integrated into their financial coaching practice, the Academy is for you.

  • Other Professional Coaches 

    If you are a business coach, personal organizer, life coach or another professional coach who wants to have a proven system that will help your clients manage their personal finances, the Academy is for you.

Want to learn more?

SELF-PACED Course Details
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