Client Creator Challenge

Tired of the Client-Acquisition Hamster Wheel?

Make 2024 your breakthrough year.

Registration for 2024 is now closed but you can join the waitlist for January 2025.

You’re a really, really motivated financial coach. You believe in the transformation that you help your clients achieve. You know the value of financial coaching, and you want to make a BIG impact.

You’ve been hustling hard. Posting on every social channel. Emailing your slowly growing list of subscribers. Attending networking events. Handing out cards. Talking to your friends. Your family. Your favorite grocery clerk.

But none of it seems to be getting any traction.

Is it the strategy? Is it the way you are implementing the strategy? You just aren’t sure why nothing seems to be working.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly HOW to improve what you are doing so you actually start to see some results (and gain some clients!)???

It’s time to put a stop to feeling exhausted & overwhelmed by all the time & energy you spend marketing your financial coaching business, only to feel like the one new client you signed was a total fluke.

Join Financial Coach Academy® Founder Kelsa Dickey, along with Coach Jaclyn Wise, as they guide you through creating a client-attraction system that actually works for you — no more throwing spaghetti at the wall, just implement, review, & refine.


The 2024 Client Creator Challenge

The 2024 Client Creator Challenge runs from Jan 14th – April 14th, 2024

In 2023, participating coaches finished the challenge with an average of $7,805 in NEW CLIENT revenue per coach!

That means that 42 (incredible) financial coaches added 156 BRAND NEW CLIENTS to their rosters!

Just take a peek at some of the celebrations from Week ONE:

“I just got my first 6-month client for this challenge last night!!!! WOOHOO!!!!! And it’s just week 1! That’s a lot of exclamation points, but I am OWNING IT!”

“I received payment this morning for a new program client!! It’s my first client for this new program, and they PAID IN FULL!”

“I’m closing out WEEK 1 of the challenge with my first sale for a Money Map (what I call a Discovery Session). He attended a workshop I did for a referral partner!”

The Financial Coach Academy® Client Creator Challenge is designed to provide you with the tools and support system you need to create a consistent client-attraction system without

  • Posting to social media 5+ times a day every. single. day.

  • DMing random profiles while crossing your fingers

  • Cold pitching potential clients

  • Hustling at all hours, hoping that “this time” it works

  • Staring at a blinking cursor feeling uninspired and frustrated by your creative paralysis

“I recommend the Client Creator Challenge to any financial coach who wants to gain more clients because it encourages and motivates you to take action. The mindset videos are GOLD and being in a group of other financial coaches who are all working toward the same goal is so energizing!”

When you join us for The 2024 Financial Coach Academy® Client Creator Challenge, you’ll…

  • create a client attraction system that works for you consistently! WIN

  • build better, more reliable habits that make marketing your business easier! WIN!

  • get more clients & identify which marketing tactics are working WIN!

Imagine what your business will look like with a client-attraction system that actually works (and you enjoy!)…

  • No more spinning your wheels

  • No more second-guessing your posts

  • No more cold DMs

  • No more hustling

  • No more lost momentum

  • No more creative paralysis

And, no more free speaking engagements, summits, or lives (unless you LOVE them, of course!).

“The shift that happens when you get 4 new clients in one week AND one of them says… “This price is great” …

I’m never going back to:

  • Thinking I’m too expensive
  • Thinking no one will buy from me
  • Being scared to make an offer
  • Not showing up for the clients who are looking for me

Yesterday’s ME is not today’s ME!!

BTW… next time the Client Creator Challenge comes out, make sure you’re the first one to sign up. It changed me and my business!  Outside of FCA, it’s been one of the best investments I’ve made!”

“For those like me coaching super part-time or only a year or two into it…

I realized a few weeks into this challenge that “getting clients” wasn’t my problem.  I needed to get clearer on who I serve, more confident in serving them, structuring a program, etc.

So I bought the FCA. I told myself I’d wait to start when the challenge was over but see how I’ve used it as a way to procrastinate.  I need to transition from being “interested” to “invested.”

I sat down and looked at my sales from last year (way cheap prices and not much coaching) which was $1,690. This year in almost 4 months I’ve already made $1,406 with $200 due the end of April.  This blew my mind!! I know I’m charging way less than I could and don’t feel like I’m fully invested.  What if I was?!”

“There are so many other things that I gained from this challenge that I can’t put a number on.  Here’s the deal… I didn’t hit my income goals… but I did add income and more importantly, I focused on my own journey and doing the things I needed to do to learn and grow myself and my business and I am good with that.  My confidence is WAY higher than it was when I started.  I KNOW I will reach my goals.  I have learned to embrace messy action while continuing to work systematically through FCA. Instead of trying to do “all the things,” I picked a couple and really focused on them and let the others go.  But because of the focused work that I DID do, I will add the networking in June.  I am learning to have healthy downtime.  I have had SO. MANY. MINDSET CHANGES! Thank you to the Financial Coach Academy team. Regardless of where you are in your business, I challenge you to jump in on this next year. I promise you will see results if you put in the effort!”

Over the course of 90 days, we’ll gather as a hyper-focused (and super encouraging) client-attracting community. Providing you with the support and guidance that you need to keep moving forward while building real, lasting relationships with other financial coaches who share the same passion & goal: creating more clients.

“The Challenge is a holistic approach to client creation. It provides so many different options and angles that each coach has the space to create a process that works for them. You see who you want to be, and build your foundation from there. I’m already planning to join again next year!”

“The Client Creator Challenge ROCKS! I didn’t have processes for getting leads (except for one that made me miserable) and converting them. Now business is booming!”

“I would absolutely recommend the Client Creator Challenge!!! The coaching information is top-notch and will be used over and over again in my coaching business. The skills that I learned helped me improve immediately and will continue to inspire me for years. The support and inspiration of the other coaches – it’s hard to describe, but so worthwhile!”

When you join the challenge, you’ll receive…

  • An exclusive, challenge-members-only Facebook group where real-time coaching happens (a $1,300+ value)

  • Weekly mindset coaching with Kelsa (a $1,300+ value)

  • Twice-monthly Ask-a-Coach group calls led by Kelsa and the FCA team, along with the coaches participating in the challenge (a $1,800+ value)

  • Weekly social media prompts (+ ideas to get your creativity flowing!) (a $650+ value)

  • Access to email scripts, conversation starters, and daily affirmations (a $500+ value)

  • A 50-page Action Guide that includes a host of resources to support you during the Challenge from creating content that converts to forming strategic partnerships to performing 1:1 with referral partners and more (PRICELESS!)

That’s a $5,550+ value!!

And you can join the Challenge for just ONE single payment of $5,550+ $997.

Meet Your Coaches (and biggest cheerleaders!)

Kelsa Dickey

After 7 years as a financial advisor and corporate accountant, I realized that I didn’t want to sell investments and insurance or deal with corporate red tape. I wanted to go after my real passion – helping people with their day-to-day finances, something I truly loved. So in 2010, I quit my corporate job, which was draining my life force and affecting my marriage so that I could start my own business as a financial coach.

At the time, NO ONE was doing what I wanted to do (and there are still very few), so I had to start from scratch. I worked out of my den helping friends and my family and created most of my own systems and processes. These same systems and processes have helped launch me as a nationally recognized financial coach.

Jaclyn Wise

I taught middle school math for 11 years, but was a mess when it came to budgeting and balancing my own checkbook. My husband and I invested in financial education in 2015, and after meeting Coach Jill (one of the other FCA instructors) a few years later, we made even more progress than I’d ever thought possible. I left teaching in 2020 to become a full-time coach with Fiscal Fitness Phoenix. What used to be a huge point of stress for me is now THE thing I get to help my clients navigate, and nothing makes me prouder than when the light comes on for them too.

My love of numbers, systems, and excellence has been an asset to the Financial Coach Academy and Fiscal Fitness team and business. I love making things run smoothly and finding a way to streamline processes, but even more – I love making things the BEST they can possibly be. As the Program Success Coach here at FFP and the Financial Coach Academy, I elevate our offerings from GREAT to AMAZING, and I’m proud to have done that in our signature courses like the Financial Coach Academy and the Financial Coaching Toolkit, our Mastermind, and our Client Creator Challenge!

Jaclyn Wise

…when we say you’ll get results, we mean it. In 2023:

What will YOUR growth look like?

“The Client Creator Challenge really helps you dive head-first into the pieces of building a successful business. Follow the steps, and you will get results and grow in the process. You’ll even get results if you follow half the steps! You make more progress and achieve more when surrounded by a community – it’s built-in accountability. I highly recommend the Challenge whether you’re new or experienced. It’s amazing for any stage of business.”

“The Client Creator Challenge is INCREDIBLE and I cannot recommend it enough!! I loved seeing everyone’s wins, loved the weekly mindset videos, and loved the honesty and transparency of tracking what really worked for my business. The Challenge is BEYOND worth the investment for the confidence that I gained in selling – honestly, just ONE of the mindset videos made the Challenge worth it!”

“I feel like I am creating systems that work for my business for the first time in my life. I have worked hard to be curious and approach this from the perspective that I am experimenting. I am feeling more confident as I use the systems I’m developing to hold Q&A calls. I even had a couple of Beta Discovery Sessions that I learned so much from! I have learned a lot about my ideal client, and I cannot wait to learn more.”

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers…

The Client Creator Challenge is open to any coach looking to gain more clients (just know that you will be joining a community of financial coaches in the group!). We start in January with a (really fun!) kick-off party, and a few days later, we get to work as the Challenge starts. It goes for 90 days.

And while this is a challenge, let me stress the only person you’re in competition with is yourself.

You’ll set benchmarks and goals that are motivating to you. Your goal can be to make $200 or $20,000, to get two clients or 20 clients. The number doesn’t matter.

YES … if you put in the time and effort.

Part of what creates a more reliable stream of prospects is building consistent outreach habits. One of the many benefits of doing the Client Creator Challenge is building those habits.

By creating a system and working it throughout the Challenge, you’ll get clear on what does and doesn’t work for you. You’ll also be able to identify and fix weak points in your sales process. You’ll gain insight into your leads, prospects, clients, and ideal clients that you might not have on your own.

We’ve compiled a bunch of resources (including some training videos and documents from the Financial Coaching Academy!) into the How-To and FAQ Guide for the Challenge.

It’s a 50+-page document that includes creating content that converts, forming strategic partnerships, performing 1:1 with referral partners, and prompts for 13 weeks’ worth of social media posts. You’ll have no shortage of things to post about!

This document will serve as your guide throughout the Challenge (in addition to all of the awesome coaching I mentioned above). And it’s yours to keep.

No. There is no “secret sauce” or “magic formula” to gaining new clients. You still have to talk about what you do as a financial coach to gain more clients (but those happy clients will start to talk about you too!). BUT we are going to help you market yourself more effectively, consistently, and in a way that feels better to you during the course of the challenge.

Many coaches say they were marketing themselves even more than what they wound up doing during the challenge, but they were doing so in a way that felt exhausting and lacked strategy. After the challenge they have built a new system and habits that allow them to market their business with more ease, flow, and in a way that actually gets them results.

Throughout the Challenge, you’ll track your progress. We have a results-driven scorecard that you’ll update weekly with your numbers – efforts, offers made, and sales. By filling it out through the Challenge, you’ll get useful client data and know instantly if you’re on track to meet the goals you set.

And when you do, we’ll reward you for your efforts because it’s the effort that counts. We want those efforts to turn into habits that turn into new clients.

This challenge is open to any financial coach wanting to get new clients and create a system for consistently getting clients.

We will say, though, if you’re brand spanking new to coaching or if you’re a new Academy enrollee, now might not be the best time to do the challenge. Unless you’re ready to take some serious messy action, then by all means, go for it!

Also, if you’ve got a big event happening in the next 90 days or are going on a sabbatical starting in February, maybe skip it this year. If you’re not sure, drop us an email, and we’re happy to help you decide.

If you’re ready to…

  • Create a reliable system to get more clients.

  • Build better client outreach habits.

  • And most importantly, help more people! (That’s what we’re all here for right?)

Join us!

The 2024 Client Creator Challenge runs from Jan 14th-April 14th, 2024.

Registration is now closed but you can join the waitlist for January 2025.

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