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Connect and Nourish
Your Mind, Body, & Soul 

Inspired Grace Retreat 2024 will be held at Wilton Castle in County Wexford, Ireland from September 30th through October 4th, 2024

Designed to give you the space you need to relax and expand into your next level of success. This exclusive, invitation-only Retreat is like no other experience – we promise.

Designed to bring 8 powerful female financial coaches together for 5-days of inspiration, connection, and expansion, you’ll leave the Retreat mentally inspired and physically relaxed.

The Inspired Grace Retreat is more than “just a business retreat” – it’s the beginning of a true sisterhood – it’s giving and receiving support, exchanging ideas, and allowing ourselves to imagine the limitless possibilities in our lives and businesses.

The inspiration for the Inspired Grace Retreat struck while traveling home from another financial conference – really. As we traveled back home, we discussed our experience – and we came to a clear conclusion – the connections that we made were the best part

The featured speakers were fine. The lectures were okay. But the relationships we formed with other financial coaches? Those provided us with support and encouragement – those relationships allowed us to truly connect and not feel so alone on this journey of entrepreneurship because of one thing: relationship.

That’s why, at The Inspired Grace Retreat, you’ll share your struggles, your ambitions, and (if you’re really brave!), ask “What if…?” – giving voice to the idea that’s been percolating at the back of your mind – the one that you are super passionate about, but haven’t actually told to anyone…yet.

All we ask is that the financial coaches who attend The Inspired Grace Retreat bring an open heart (and at least a pair or two of yoga pants) – and we’ll take care of the rest.

Our past attendees had a lot to say about their experience: 

The Location & Date

Where: Beautiful Wilton Castle in the heart of Bree in County Wexford, Ireland

When: September 30 – October 4, 2024

The Inspired Grace Retreat was created to provide you with deep connections and lifelong relationships with other female financial coaches.

It’s easy to sometimes feel the need to edit our own voice, even when we share similar struggles. There is no editing necessary at The Inspired Grace Retreat. It’s amazing to see (as we have the past five years) what you can create when you know you have the full support and energy of a sisterhood of strong, smart financial coaches standing with you and cheering you on. To foster these new relationships, we include a mix of organic interactions, prompted conversations, and structured, heart-opening activities.


Imagine waking up to this for 5 days:

We’ve reserved stunning rooms at Wilton Castle for all 5 days of the retreat, as well as some incredible experiences that you’re going to L-O-V-E.

Plus, all meals, snacks, and beverages are INCLUDED in the cost of registration, including:

  • Food preferences taken into consideration prior to your arrival
  • Healthy, nutritious meals provided
  • Plenty of snacks
  • A variety of beverages to choose from (both alcoholic and and non-alcoholic)



The Retreat is an invitation-only event. 

If you’d like to be considered as one of our 8 participating financial coaches, we ask that you complete our application form as soon as possible. We review each application as it’s received. 

By applying, you understand that the investment for the Retreat is $5,500 (payment plans are available if requested). This includes:

  • Luxury accommodations at Wilton Castle in County Wexford, Ireland for 5 days and 4 nights.
  • All meals, snacks, and beverages – both non-alcoholic and alcoholic – throughout the retreat.
  • Our own dedicated chef and housekeeping staff to make your stay a true luxury experience.
  • Participation, ticket, and transportation to any scheduled activities and excursions.
  • All the positive, life-changing conversations you can handle.

*Please note: your airfare to and from the retreat is NOT included with your registration

Meet Your Hostesses

Jill Emanuel Financial Coach

Hi, I’m Jill!

My passion is helping people – which makes my position as the Director of Coaching at Fiscal Fitness Phoenix a perfect fit. (I’m also a Financial Coach Academy Instructor, lead coach of our Elite VIP Program and co-creator of the Financial Coaching Toolkit. – to say I’m “all in” when it comes to creating trainings & content to help other financial coaches rock their businesses is a bit of an understatement!)

I didn’t start my career as a financial coach (I was actually a clinical pharmacist.) until I went through my own financial coaching journey – it was truly transformative, and I realized that creating financial peace of mind, helping others achieve what I had, was exactly what I wanted to do all the time.  I love supporting our Financial Coach Academy coaches as they gain the skills to guide their own clients toward  financial stability and peace of mind.

Kelsa Dickey Financial Coach Academy Mastermind

Hi, I’m Kelsa!

I spent 7 years as a financial advisor and corporate accountant – but it wasn’t until I started helping friends and family with their finances that I realized my passion wasn’t in making corporations more money – I wanted to help real people with their day-to-day finances. So, in 2010, I started my own financial coaching business, Fiscal Fitness PHX.

And at the time, no one was providing the level of financial coaching that I wanted to – so I created most of my own systems and processes. These same systems and processes have helped launch me as a nationally recognized financial coach, and are exactly what we teach inside the Financial Coach Academy® and other programs. I’m also the proud author of the Financial Coaching Playbook – the definitive guide to starting and running a financial coaching business.


Do I need to be making 6-figures to apply?2024-01-29T13:43:59-07:00

Absolutely not! Some financial coaches who attend will be very experienced and are earning multiple 6-figures in their businesses. And some coaches will be newer and are just getting started. We review applications to ensure we have a well-rounded group of women – each bringing their unique selves – to the event.

How much money you’re making in your coaching business is not even a question we ask on the application.

What if I don’t know anyone?2024-01-29T13:44:21-07:00

Once we finalize who is attending, you will have opportunities to get to know everyone before arriving to the retreat. We host meetings leading up to the event to cover important details but also to help everyone connect. Past attendees also swap information and create their own group beforehand. In previous years, attendees have coordinated travel itineraries as well.

I’m not a big international traveler, should I be worried?2024-01-29T13:48:23-07:00

There is always some risk when traveling internationally, and certainly some locations are more challenging (fun?) than others.

Once you register to be one of the 8 attendees, but before you book any of your travel plans, we meet and give you very detailed information to make this step as easy as possible.

  • We make sure you know about any travel requirements. For example, you need a passport, but will you need to apply for a visa or any other form of documentation? Each country we travel to is different but we do this research for you and pass along the information.
  • We provide you with a very detailed action list. For example, what type of charger do you need? (We even give you the Amazon link to buy one if needed.) Will you need to hail a taxi at the airport? (We even tell you how much the taxi should cost.) No one is more organized and detailed than our retreat manager Erica – trust me! And she’s a very experienced traveler!
  • We hold a number of meetings leading up to the retreat where we review the pertinent information and you have an opportunity to ask questions. We are also available outside of these meetings to help with your travel plans.
  • While traveling, you will stay in communication with others. Before departing, Erica will ask for your itinerary so she can stay on top of where you are and how your travel day is going. You will be part of a group WhatsApp thread so you can stay in communication with others before, during and after the retreat.
What are the sleeping arrangements?2024-01-29T13:49:23-07:00

This changes a bit year to year and location to location but generally speaking you will be sharing a bed and a room with one other coach.

What’s the process once I apply?2024-01-29T13:50:07-07:00

Once applications are open -applying is your first step. We simply like to know exactly who is being invited to attend, which is why we don’t allow registrations without an application.

Within one week of submitting your application, we will review it and invite you to join us by officially registering. Your invitation to join us will include a link so you can complete your registration.

Spots are filled on a first come, first serve basis. Each year the retreat is sold out.

Upon registering, you can choose to pay-in-full or choose a 3-payment option

Once registered, you will be notified of our scheduled meetings leading up the event so you can add them to your calendar right away. You will get to meet the other women at the first meeting!

What else would you like to know?2024-01-29T13:50:43-07:00

We’re happy to answer any more questions you have simply shoot us an email at and we will respond. That way we can ensure its a good fit before adding your name to the waitlist

The Inspired Grace Retreat provides the perfect opportunity for connection, collaboration, and coaching. Kelsa & Jill are the perfect hosts and are amazing at creating an environment that fosters growth and friendship between the participants.  Their passion and energy for financial coaching is inspiring and motivating. I’m definitely hoping to attend again next year! ~ Kathryn

We cannot wait to spend 5 life-changing, business-altering days with you!

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