**If you haven’t listened to episode 41 of the podcast yet, I invite you to do that first. You’ll get some background about this conversation that will help with clarity.**

Navigating the business world involves a series of decisions, each shaping our path in unique ways. As I take you through my recent experiences, I hope they serve as a compass for your journey. It’s a story of losing sight of my core values and finding my way back.

A Shocking Realization

The weight of my error was enormous. But even more significant was understanding the decisions that led up to it. At the core, my decisions had drifted from the values that had been the backbone of my business. Upon deeper reflection, I realized that a series of smaller, seemingly trivial mistakes had compounded into this significant misalignment.

Losing Sight of My Clients

My journey took an unexpected turn when I started to prioritize scaling over my clients. The subtle shift from focusing on quality connections to rapidly increasing my client base was so gradual that it slipped under my radar. What became evident was an obsession with numbers and the desire to expand, even if it meant compromising the very essence of my brand.

The Ego’s Influence

Another significant revelation was recognizing the influence of my ego on my business decisions. With each new milestone, like achieving a record $350,000 month, I felt validated in adopting a more authoritative voice. However, it started to overshadow my true self. The lines between genuine achievement and the need for external validation began to blur, leaving me at a crossroads.

Finding My True Brand Identity

A simple Venn diagram provided a moment of clarity. One circle represented my true self, and the other symbolized what my clients valued about me. Their intersection defined my brand’s essence. Realizing I had strayed from this overlap was painful, but it also showed me the path back to authenticity.

The Pursuit of Excellence vs. External Validation

In the hustle of business, I had confused two distinct desires: being the best and needing acknowledgment from others. While I’ve always aimed for excellence, I got sidetracked by the lure of external recognition, forgetting that true excellence lies in the work itself, not just in its accolades.

Closing Thoughts for Fellow Coaches

Mistakes, as daunting as they might appear, are treasure troves of insights. Some days, the weight of my past decisions feels unbearable, but on others, they stand as reminders of growth and resilience.

I invite you, my fellow coaches, to introspect and understand your decisions’ ramifications. How have they influenced your journey, and what lessons have they imparted? Sharing these experiences not only fosters personal growth but also fortifies our community of financial coaches. Remember, your story could be the beacon someone else needs on their journey.