Tips For Financial Coaches On Creating Consistent Social Media Content

Social media can be a great asset when it comes to marketing your financial coaching services, course, or business. But it can be a double edged sword. Content creation can and will demand so much of your time, especially if you don’t have the right apps and know some key tricks.

How To Prioritize Your Social Media Creation Time

There’s an app for everything nowadays. And that’s definitely true when it comes to social media management and content scheduling. You can use several different apps (such as: later, unfold, preview, fb business suite, etc.) that will help you schedule the posts ahead of time, including:

  • Later
  • Unfold
  • Preview
  • FB business suite
  • Buffer

Each one of these platforms have different features and benefits but all of them can help you schedule and plan out your posts. These apps let you schedule everything together, including hashtags, captions, videos/photos.

A lot of these apps will allow you to schedule Instagram stories and even save hashtags. That way you don’t have to be copying and pasting them into every content calendar post.

The Cost

“But what about all the subscription fees?” Generally, you don’t have to worry about paying for these apps. If you only have one account you’re managing, the free version of these apps may be more than enough for what you need to do.

How To Organize Your Social Media Content

When it comes to social media content organization, we suggest creating a content calendar. It will help you plan out your posts a month in advance. 

The way this content calendar looks doesn’t matter because you’re probably the only one seeing it. You could use a Google doc, a Word doc, and Excel doc, or a blank calendar to plan your content. Pick whichever template feels easiest to you.

What matters more than the design is the content. A good content calendar is going to include:

  • Type of post (infographic, photo, reel, carousel, quotes, etc.)
  • Written content that accompany the post (i.e. the captions)
  • Hashtags (can’t forget those hashtags!)

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It’s Content Creation Time

With your app picked and your calendar template set, you need to get to the actual hard part – creating content. But even this doesn’t have to be a time consuming process. 

You’ll want to block out time on your calendar each month to batch create content. This means you’re setting aside a couples of hours or a day (depending on how much content you’re creating) to write captions, create images, and research your hashtags. 

There are plenty of social media professional out there who say you have to post once a day to get the best engagement. That may be true, but that may also not be realistic for you. That might be the goal, but don’t feel like you have to start there. 

If you’re new to creating batch content, a good target instead might be trying for 2-3 times a week. As you get used to that consistency, you’ll then be able to create content easier and quicker. You might find yourself creating 4-5 posts a week with the same amount of effort. Remember, not every posts needs to be loaded with words and images. Sometimes simple is more impactful.

Of note: Reels can’t be scheduled, BUT they can be drafted. So there are no excuses for not including them in your content calendar and content-batching strategy.

Scheduling Your Social Media Content

You’re going to want to block off time on your calendar every month to also post the content. Leave the batch creation days soley for creating. Use a second day or second time block to schedule all the amazing content you’ve just created. 

Also, by putting a space between those blocks of time, you’ll be seeing your content with fresh eyes. That means you’re more likely to spot errors or things you missed during your content creation time. 

Once you’re done scheduling, you really don’t have to worry about creating, posting, or scheduling anything for about 3 weeks. If something comes up and you’re inspired to create a post, you absolutely can and should. But you’ll also have the peace of mind that you don’t need to create content in the moment. You’ve already got plenty of awesome social media content just waiting to go live. 

Final Thoughts On Social Media Management

Inevitably, the creation and scheduling of your social media content will take some time, but it becomes manageable if you block out time for it and content-batch at the end and/or beginning of the month. The best part is by setting aside the time, you will free up your mental energy from worrying about social media for 3 weeks every month. If that’s not a reason to embrace this, then I don’t know what is.