Conversations Create Cash, But Only If You’re Having The Right Kind Of Conversations

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Do you struggle with taking on new clients and then finding out after the fact they’re not a great fit for you?

Or worse, do you give away a ton of great free advice during your first consultation only to have the client not move forward?

Taking on wrong-for-you clients and investing time in clients who are nothing more than tire kickers can be a drain on you and your business.

They can make you feel like you’re doing it all wrong.

I have a way to help you nail a prospective client conversation so you’ll only bring on the people who make you feel like the badass coach you are.

It’s called the Quick Audit Conversation.

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Kelsa Dickey
Kelsa DickeyPresident, Financial Coach Academy

Kelsa Dickey has been a Financial Coach for more than a decade. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in finance and a MBA in accounting, she worked as a Financial Adviser and a corporate accountant but found that neither of these jobs allowed her to help people with the personal finances on a personal level. She decided to leave corporate America and start a financial coaching business before financial coaching was even a thing.

Not only has she been helping individuals, couples and small business owners master their personal finances, she has been training established and emerging financial coaches with her online training course, Financial Coach Academy.

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