The #1 way to create a successful financial coaching business: clear VISION.

After more than 15 years in the business, we continue to get asked:

  • “How do you get so much done?”

  • “How do you keep coming up with new ideas?”

As “new” coaches, we had a LOT of ideas – but we certainly weren’t executing on a great majority of them. Kelsa has always naturally been a wellspring of ideas, which can be both a good thing and a bad thing when it comes to running a business.

The challenge with having too many ideas is that you either:

Start a dozen things and have trouble following through and getting them across the finish line, or
have so many ideas that you don’t know which one to do, or how to choose what to focus on (which is the main cause of squirrel brain and overwhelm).

Over the years and through working with our own coaches to expand and grow OUR businesses, we have learned invaluable lessons about not only how to stay focused and get an idea or project successfully across the finish line – but even MORE importantly, we have learned how to identify “The One” idea that is worthy of our time, energy, and focus. 

Learning how to identify “the one” has been one of the single most important lessons in our business.

Without “the one,” there are too many plates spinning, too little time to do “all the things”, and definitely not enough passion or certainty about the direction to take your business.

This is why the VIP Day is a carefully curated day. We’ve pulled from 10+ years of running a successful financial coaching business, and the many lessons we have learned from our own coaches to successfully pick “The One” idea that lights you up. When you pair your “One” idea with your strategic plan of action, you’ll be able to drive your business forward over the next 12 months.

 Roadmap to Profitability VIP Day

FCA Roadmap to Profitability VIP DayThe Roadmap to Profitability VIP Experience is a small-group, day-long workshop led by the Financial Coach Academy’s Expert Financial Coaches.

In just seven hours, you’ll step behind the curtain and learn our system for creating and executing reliable, revenue-generating ideas for your business year-after-year-after-year.

Having built and run a successful financial coaching business over the past 15 years, we thoughtfully and purposefully lead a maximum of eight driven, committed financial coaches through a day-long session specifically designed to help you pick your BEST idea, your “The One,” and plot your action plan for the next 12 months.

During the VIP day, you will brainstorm, identify and make an execution plan for your biggest and boldest business idea.

And have no fear – our amazing team will help you generate an idea that gets you excited and focused for what’s to come! Our VIP Day attendees leave this incredible event with an actionable plan, complete with the steps and actions they need to take to make their next big business initiative a massive success!

Who is the Roadmap to Profitability VIP Day best for?

The Roadmap to Profitability VIP Day is perfect for financial coaches who are ready to take their business to the next level.

It’s a great choice for the coach who wants to know what to focus on and where to put their energy – be it a new program, a noteworthy event, or becoming an industry-recognized brand.

Please note: you don’t need to have an idea of what you want to do prior to the VIP Day! Really!!! Identifying your “ONE” idea is exactly what the VIP Day is designed to do.

FCA Roadmap to Profitability VIP DayYear after year we work with dedicated, focused financial coaches who attend our VIP Days either with an idea in mind or no ideas at all. In fact, they often surprise themselves at what comes out of them when given the support and a tried and true process that generates the perfect idea time and again!

But the best thing?

Once you experience and learn this process you can use it year after year (just like we do!) to stay focused and keep the momentum going. It truly is the recipe for creating a business you love.

If you’re looking for one-to-one guidance in a small group setting, you will love the VIP Day.

Where is the Roadmap to Profitability VIP Day held?

We host two VIP Day experiences each year, and while our “home bases” are in Arizona & Michigan, we also like to travel — so there’s a possibility that we may host VIP Days in other locations.


February 2024


August 2024