Are you missing out on posting powerful marketing messages that potential clients will eat up? Every day you have multiple conversations with clients, clients who are making huge improvements in their financial situation, and clients who are so proud of their accomplishments that they want to tell you about how you have helped them. As a financial coach, seeing your clients succeed and reach their goals is an amazing feeling, and it’s why most of us are in this field.  But how often do you share these conversations?

I recently posted one such client note (see below) on my financial coaching business Facebook page because I just got off the phone with a client who went on and on about how amazing she feels, the transformation she’s had, more control, less worry, sleeping better at night, losing weight (this is so normal actually), and I mean on and on… It was so F*&$ing amazing to witness and hear the pride she has developed in such a short period of time!

Make your conversations, texts, DM’s and emails with clients social

I feel like I could scream, dance, shout, and possibly cry with joy.  And I want the world to know how I feel and how my clients feel!

So I immediately wrote about it on my page and I realized, I wonder if you guys know to do this? Don’t bottle up your energy or excitement, don’t refrain from sharing it, don’t edit yourself or hold yourself back… Raw and unfiltered posts like this that come from real inspiration are the best at attracting clients because you’re being YOU!! The right client will LEAN INTO  you when you share things like this, and for those who are stalking or haven’t yet committed, posts like this are sometimes what they need to see.

Here is the post on the Fiscal Fitness Phoenix Facebook page:

It’s always really exciting when I START working with a new client…that initial session is so thrilling because I know what’s about to happen, but the client doesn’t really know, or better yet, they don’t trust it yet. They don’t know just how GOOD and AMAZING they’re about to feel. And it’s usually just a month or two in that they feel MASSIVELY different…and I mean MASSIVE! I just got off the phone w/ a client who had her first coaching session (her 1st one after her Eureka) on February 28th (so it’s only been two months!!!) and she said “I’ve changed her entire life” and “I’ve never felt so in control” and “My entire perspective has shifted and this feels so good” and finally, “I am in love with this plan.” 
YES YES YES! I know! And it’s crazy right? And you didn’t believe it right? Or you thought “that’s how others feel, that won’t happen for me.” 
Oh but it can. And it will. And I’m over here just coaching with a smile on my face because I know it’s going to happen and I get to be a part that transformation.
And it is my true pleasure and my honor to be a part of it. It is no wonder I end each day inspired and in love with what I do and in awe of the hard work my clients put in. My clients GIVE to me just as much as I GIVE to them. That’s why this works. 
So are you ready?

Before You Post, Get Permission

First, we always recommend getting permission from your client to post their comments.  In writing is best and even using a media release form (something like this). Regardless which way you go, make sure you have their approval before you post anything they said, whether or not you attribute it to them.

Second, Screenshots!

Typing up the conversation or the client’s quote works, but what is really the best is to take screenshots and use those.  It lends credibility and puts a real person behind the conversation.  Typically we will remove names and photos, even if they give us permission with a media release, just for the sake of privacy.

Use All Forms of Media

One text message from a client can be turned into all forms of media.  Write a blog post about that client, what they first felt like when they started working with you and then post their message on how happy they are.

Post the screenshots on all of your social media outlets.

Go Live on Facebook and tell their story then read the message verbatim while maintaining privacy.

It Doesn’t Always have to be a Client Win

While it’s great to show what wins your clients are tacking up, don’t only post those. Your prospective clients would really benefit from hearing about the struggles and the mistakes. Take the missteps and failures from your clients and turn them into valuable lessons. It’s a fine line though, so be sure to not degrade or condescend your clients.

Share, share, share! It’s that simple.

You should always have a little voice in the back of your head asking you, “How can I share this moment with the world?”. Listen to that voice. Be creative. Keep your clients’ privacy in mind and share your value, your results and your clients’ joys and accomplishments with the world.