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Take your financial coaching clients from long-term to lifetime with the

Financial Coaching Toolkit

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 There are plenty of resources for coaches to run a better business whether it’s finding an ideal client, improving their marketing, or streamlining their processes. Those are great improvements to make in your business. In fact it’s stuff we teach in the Financial Coach Academy.

But what about the person who’s running a great business already and wants to help their clients achieve better and faster results?

Most coaches have months-long coaching programs, but need financial coaching tools to keep clients coming back year after year, not month after month.

That’s who we created the Financial Coach Toolkit for – people wanting to get better at the coaching part of their business and turn long-term coaching clients into lifelong clients.

Get Financial Coaching Tools to Help Your Clients Succeed

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As coaches, we want to help our clients in every way we can, but it’s easy to rely on the things we’ve always done.

But what happens when what you’ve always done doesn’t work for a particular client? Or what happens when they reach the end of your coaching program? You need more financial coaching tools.

The Financial Coaching Toolkit is for people who don’t want any of the business-launch side of things. It’s purely for the client-facing, coaching side of your business.

Teaching a concept such as net worth and coaching a client on a concept like net worth are two very different things. The Toolkit walks you through how to coach on 65 different financial concepts to use with your clients. 

It is a comprehensive collection of resources to help you help your clients and keep them as clients for years to come. Its robust collection of easy-to-follow, on-demand videos and materials give you the ability to up-level your coaching business and provide better (and long-lasting) service to your clients.

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Financial Coaching Toolkit Review

“The Toolkit was an investment in my coaching practice that I will never regret. The layout and content far exceeded my expectations. It was easy to understand, carefully crafted, and overwhelmingly encouraging. The Toolkit’s focus is to help you be a more effective coach, I feel it succeeded.”



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What’s Included

coaching themes
coaching exercises
Videos, downloads and templates

You’re investing in your financial coaching skills as well as your ability to help more clients and help them long-term when you purchase the Financial Coaching Toolkit.

The Toolkit gives you lifetime access to dozens of worksheets, templates, guides, and instructional videos. They explain how to walk your clients through new and different coaching concepts and techniques. It also gives you exercises you can repeat with clients year after year, ensuring you can add value for your clients beyond your standard coaching programs.

Toolkit Themes

Lessons and Exercises

You the Coach

The Four Key Roles of a Coach – Asking Effective Questions: What to Ask and How to Ask It

Foundational Exercises

Values Exercises – Credit Reports and Scores – Emergency Budgets – Net Worth – Financial Principles

Planning Ahead

Planning Ahead Handout – Month-by-Month Annual Planner

Goals, Rewards & Milestones

Goal Setting – Creating Milestone and Rewards System – Celebrating Financial Wins


Coaching Clients on Using Credit Cards – Spending by Default – Self Assessment Exercise – Analyzing Necessities vs. Wants

Overcoming Obstacles

Red Flags and Strategies to Overcome Them – Identifying Spending Triggers – Overcoming Temptations

Couples and Communication

Coaching Uneven Power Dynamics – Kids and Allowance – Taking Inventory with Couples

Business Strategies

Organization Guidelines and Strategies for Business Finances – Establishing Key Performance Indicators – Tax Strategies for Business Owners


When Expenses Exceed Income – Planning for Variable Incomes – Side Hustles


Coaching the Over-Giver – Coaching on Money Mindset – Marathon vs. Sprint Exercise – Reflection Exercises – Fulfillment Exercises – Cognitive Bias

Life Organization

Time Management – Annual Metrics and Scorecards – Tax Strategies for Individuals

Long-Term Vision

Retirement – Legacy Drawer Worksheet – Creating a Dream Life Exercise

Annual Exercises

Word of the Year Exercise – New Year, New You Worksheet – Exercises to Revisit

The Plan Ahead Budget

How to Use the Plan Ahead Budget – How to Track Bills Using the Plan Ahead Budget – How to Reconcile Savings with Purchases – How to Use Credit Cards with the Plan Ahead Budget

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Financial Coaching Toolkit Review


Purchase the Toolkit

Lifetime access to the materials is included in the cost of the Financial Coaching Toolkit.

We created the Toolkit to grow with your business and help you get and retain long-term clients. While the Toolkit includes lessons and scenarios that are more likely to be relevant to experienced coaches, any financial coach who has moved beyond the beginning phase of their business will find value in it. And even better, by investing in the Toolkit now, you’ll be more prepared when you’re in growth mode. That’s why lifetime access is included. We want you to have the ability to go back and watch whatever lessons you need as new challenges pop up in your business.

Dive in as soon as you purchase the Toolkit.

Each video, lesson, and resource is on-demand, meaning you can dive in as soon as you’re ready to get started. And because the Toolkit isn’t a linear course, you can choose the lessons that are most relevant to you and your business right now.

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Raving Reviews for the Financial Coaching Toolkit

Who Should Purchase the Financial Coaching Toolkit?

  • Established Financial Coaches – If you are an established financial coach who wants to take your business to the next level by gaining mastery of coaching skills, the Toolkit is for you.

  • Financial Advisors – If you are a financial advisor who wants to add services and value for your clients or are looking to help them with their day-to-day finances as well as their investments and insurance, the Toolkit is for you.

  • Other Professional Coaches – If you are a business coach, personal organizer, life coach or another professional coach who wants to have a proven system that will help your clients manage their personal finances, the Toolkit is for you.

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Who Should NOT Purchase the Financial Coaching Toolkit?

  • Brand New Coaches or People Looking to Start a Coaching Business – The Toolkit was created to serve as a resource and guide for experienced coaches. Coaches who are just starting would better be served by taking the Financial Coach Academy.

  • Coaches Focused Solely on Offering One Type of Service – If you are a coach who is focused solely on budgeting or some other single process, that is fine. We believe those services are needed. But the Toolkit was created for coaches who want an expansive skillset and the ability to dive deeper with their clients.

Financial Coaching Toolkit Review

“I have a good rate of retention for clients moving from my 4-month program to longer programs, so it made me feel a lot more confident having these other ideas for sessions that I could use with them. That confidence definitely translates over to working with my clients over the long run which makes my clients more successful (and) at the same time it supports my business for recurring income which is really helpful!”



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Meet the Instructors

Kelsa Dickey, Founder of Fiscal Fitness Phoenix

Financial Coaches have the power to change the world. We truly believe that. In fact, it’s why we created the Financial Coaching Toolkit.

We think everyone can benefit from financial coaching. Literally, everyone. But we can’t help everyone, so the next best thing we can do is pass along the lessons and materials that have worked for our clients time-and-time again.

We’ve been financial coaching for more than 10 years, so everything we teach is something that has worked for our clients and our business. By sharing what we’ve learned, we hope to inspire and help more people to become successful, experienced financial coaches and professionals.

Learn More About Kelsa and Jill

Jill Emanuel, Lead Coach at Fiscal Fitness Phoenix


One-Time Payment

  • When you purchase this option, you will have instant access to all materials in the Toolkit.
Lifetime access to the materials is included in the cost of the Financial Coaching Toolkit.

We do not issue refunds on the Financial Coaching Toolkit. All purchases are final. 

Not sure if it’s right for you? Schedule a free, no-pressure Q&A call to get all of your questions answered.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have questions about the Toolkit’s materials?2020-11-11T23:05:38+00:00

As you work through the course, we realize you might have questions about how to implement the materials or work them into your coaching programs. If you have questions, we encourage you to ask them in the Financial Coaches Unite Facebook group. This 5,000 member group is active and full of helpful coaches who can give you their advice and insights. We’re in that group daily as well, so we chime in as often as we can.


Can I copy and paste the materials I get from the Toolkit?2021-05-28T15:01:41+00:00

The materials we provide in the Toolkit will not be white labeled. If they’re in Excel, you can absolutely edit them and reuse them by putting your logo on them, etc. For some of the handouts, we had them designed by a graphic designer, so they’re PDFs and that’s all we have. You can (it’s encouraged) create them on your end with your branding but you don’t need to recreate the wheel. They’re meant to be used by you. You don’t have to change anything if you don’t want to, except make it look like yours!

How is the Toolkit different from the Financial Coach Academy?2020-11-11T23:09:15+00:00

The Academy – our online training course for financial coaches – was created to help coaches who are looking to start their coaching career, need help systematizing policies processes, or to develop strategies for marketing and building their business. While it includes some of the same handouts and exercises as the Toolkit, it’s only a small fraction. The Toolkit was designed to help people who want to get better at the coaching part of their business. It was made to be far more robust with specific client exercises that a coach could use to have client content for years and years to come.

Will I get access to Toolkit updates?2021-05-28T17:42:10+00:00

Yes! We’re not done adding to the Toolkit. As our library of resources grows, you’ll get access to it all. We plan to keep adding to the Toolkit as we develop more training for our clients, so it’s only going to get better over time. By purchasing the Toolkit, you get everything that’s in it today AND all of the great training and resources we’ll add to it in the months and years to come.

Do I get everything in the Toolkit once I purchase it?2021-02-26T16:50:32+00:00

Yes, once you purchase the Toolkit all lessons, downloads, materials and exercises are available to you immediately. Dive into which ever portions you want to first! They’re all there.

Ready to expand your financial coaching abilities and exercises? Your clients are.

You’re going to need a bigger toolbox.

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If you haven’t already, join our free, open Facebook group called Financial Coaches Unite. This 5,000+ member group is full of coaches from all over the world sharing advice, inspiration, celebrations and hacks about all things financial coaching.

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