The client journey is a process that your potential clients go on, from that very first touchpoint with you to booking a discovery session to buying from you and beyond.

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But what happens once you book that discovery session? This phase is where you transition from initial consultation to deep coaching. Let’s break down how to make this session as impactful as possible, with a special focus on our Growth Checkpoints.

The Essence of the Discovery Session

The Discovery session isn’t just about finances; it’s an opportunity to deeply understand your client’s financial and personal goals. It’s where you set the stage for a transformative coaching relationship.

The Six Core Objectives

These objectives guide the Discovery session, ensuring it’s both thorough and client-centric. This is what we teach our coaches in my own coaching business, Fiscal Fitness Phoenix, and it’s what we recommend to students in our Financial Coach Academy® program:

  1. Get to know the client more intimately: Ask both straightforward and probing questions to understand their life goals and financial motivations.
  2. Help the client experience coaching: Balance positive reinforcement with honest discussions about areas for growth.
  3. Help the client gain clarity and awareness: Help clients see their financial situation, goals, and how their mindset influences their decisions.
  4. Help them prepare for the journey ahead (mentally, emotionally, and financially): Discuss the reality of financial change, including potential challenges.
  5. Boost their belief in what is possible (they can do it): Empower clients to believe in their ability to handle financial challenges.
  6. Balancing Impact over Overwhelm: Provide valuable insights without overwhelming the client.

Growth Checkpoint 1: Defining Session Objectives

Ask yourself: Do you have clear, well-defined objectives for your initial coaching session? Ensure your objectives are tailored to each client, addressing their unique financial situation and goals. This clarity will not only enhance your session’s effectiveness but also align your coaching approach with the client’s expectations and needs.

The Power of Effective Prep Work

Preparation is key to a successful Discovery session. It involves gathering information that will guide the discussion and set the tone for future sessions.

The Questionnaire

A comprehensive questionnaire can help you gather more information about your prospective client before you get on the discovery call. We use tools like Jotform or Google Forms because they allow us to go back and review answers in a spreadsheet later. It’s so helpful to see what different clients share over time! The questionnaire should cover:

  • Personal details, like their age, occupation, and contact information.
  • Financial habits and attitudes, including how they’re currently managing their money.
  • Future goals and aspirations.
  • General feelings about money.

Growth Checkpoint 2: Utilizing Insightful Prep Work

Reflect on: Are your prep work questions insightful and valuable for both you and the client? The questionnaire should not only inform you as a coach but also help clients introspect and articulate their financial situation and aspirations.

Analyzing Client Responses

Pay attention to:

  • The level of detail in their responses.
  • Their attitudes toward finances.
  • The language they use to describe their financial situation.

Growth Checkpoint 3: Reading Between the Lines

Consider: Are you effectively interpreting the subjective and objective information provided by clients? This skill is crucial for tailoring your coaching approach to each client’s specific needs and for identifying underlying issues that may not be immediately apparent.

Setting Up for Future Coaching Success

The Discovery session should also serve as a foundation for ongoing coaching. It’s about aligning the client’s current financial situation with their future goals, facilitated by your coaching.

Growth Checkpoint 4: Focusing on Relevant Financial Information

Evaluate: Are you collecting the most relevant financial information in a way that is least overwhelming for the client? The information gathered should be pertinent to the client’s goals and presented in a way that is easy to understand and engage with.

The Discovery session is a critical step in the client journey. It sets the tone for your coaching relationship and can significantly impact the client’s perception and engagement. By focusing on these Growth Checkpoints, you can ensure that your sessions are not only informative but also transformative, paving the way for a successful coaching relationship. Keep these checkpoints in mind to continually refine your approach and enhance the value you provide to your clients. Happy coaching!

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