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Financial Coach Academy Live Course

Live financial coach training from the comfort of your home

The Financial Coach Academy™ is a 16-week virtual course designed to teach you practical, tried-and-true methods for starting or improving your very own financial coaching business. Our instructors aren’t academics or researchers: They are financial coaches who teach while also maintaining and growing their financial coaching business for more than a decade.

This financial coach training program will teach you how to create and efficiently run your financial coaching business all the while learning how to attract clients and lead them to financial independence. 

The Three Pillars of Financial Coaching

In order to run your business, we believe you need to master financial concepts, coaching skills, and have business acumen. It’s what sets the Financial Coach Academy apart from other financial coach training programs. We don’t just focus on financial theories or coaching skills. We look at the whole business.

Financial Knowledge

Get a solid foundation of financial concepts and best practices

Business Acumen

Create efficient, effective systems for managing your business

Coaching Skills

Learn the necessary skills to successfully coach clients

The Financial Coach Academy will help you master all three.

The Financial Coach Academy is currently the only financial coaching program the meets the education requirements set forth by the Certified Professional Financial Coach program.

Learn about becoming a Certified Financial Coach here

Admission into the live Academy course gets you:

  • Ten live online workshops, ranging from 90 to 120 minutes in length.
  • Six built-in execution and mastermind weeks to implement what you have learned, share ideas with others, gain feedback and insights from the team of experts and actively create your financial coaching business.
  • Dozens of recorded ancillary videos by trusted professionals on topics like legal issues for financial coaches, insights from CPAs, software and solutions from IT, best practices from other referral partners, and more.
  • Introduction to and an explanation of every contract, handout, checklist, software, or tool I use to run a six-figure financial coaching business.
  • Client conversation scripts, handouts and exercises to get even faster and better results
  • Step-by-step skills and guidance to build the confidence to design and create your own materials
  • A private Facebook community to connect and collaborate with your classmates.
  • Mentoring and continuous feedback from Kelsa, Michael and their team throughout the course.

What’s Included?

In addition to live support, a mastermind group, and feedback and coaching in a private facebook group, you get:

Lessons with Live Q&A
Additional Mastermind Lessons
Downloads, Templates & Handouts

All content is released weekly, one module at a time, so you cannot rush ahead or will not get overwhelmed if you fall a week or two behind. Video workshops will be available upon completion of the course, so you can watch them as often as you want. You’ll never lose access to the materials in the course.

All graduates of the Financial Coach Academy receive a Certificate of Completion as well as a Financial Coach Academy Graduate Seal to place on their website and use in their marketing materials. 

The Live Academy is held twice a year – the spring and fall. It is open to only 20 registrants and has always sold out.

Don’t wait to register for the fall 2019 semester! Fall 2019 is SOLD OUT!

Enroll in the Live Academy TODAY! Only 20 coaches allowed per semester!
The Spring 2020 Academy kicks off in
Enroll Now – Pay in Full (Pay $2,797 today) SOLD OUT!
Enroll Now – 4-Payment Option (Pay $770 today) SOLD OUT!

Jumpstart Your Financial Coaching Career in 16 Weeks

Click the + to see the topics we cover week by week.


  • Identify your “Why”
  • Separate yourself from the pack
  • The power of telling your story
  • Find your target client
  • Make an impact in the world
  • Define what success looks like for you


  • Don’t Learn: Do.
  • No live class this week. This is where we put what you’ve learned so far into practice.
  • Mastermind and Interactive mentorship available every week, but this is when we really put it all into action!


  • Make a good first impression
  • Wow your clients
  • Phone scripts & onboarding best practices
  • Discovery session design and purpose
  • Overcoming initial objections
  • Scheduling systems and process
  • Creating contracts and questionnaires


  • Don’t Learn: Do.
  • No live class this week. This is where we put what you’ve learned so far into practice.
  • Mastermind and Interactive mentorship available every week but this is when we really put it all into action!


  • Designing packages, sessions, schedule and pricing
  • The importance of the client experience
  • Pricing and collecting payments
  • Skill-based coaching with clients
  • Group programming
  • Client templates


  • Don’t Learn: Do.
  • No live class this week. This is where we put what you’ve learned so far into practice.
  • Mastermind and Interactive mentorship available every week but this is when we really put it all into action!


  • Conversations create cash
  • The importance of referral partners, networking, and referral groups
  • Social proof
  • Blogging and social media


  • Don’t Learn: Do.
  • No live class this week. This is where we put what you’ve learned so far into practice.
  • Mastermind and Interactive mentorship available every week but this is when we really put it all into action!


  • Exercises beyond budgeting
  • Asking effective questions
  • Your coaching role
  • Creating amazing content
  • Coaching businesses


  • Services other than one-on-one coaching
  • Advanced exercises for long-time clients
  • Daily Money Management
  • Coaching various situations
  • Fiscal Fitness budgeting method


  • Don’t Learn: Do.
  • No live class this week. This is where we put what you’ve learned so far into practice.
  • Mastermind and Interactive mentorship available every week but this is when we really put it all into action!


  • Confidence in the sales conversation
  • A How-to guide to sales conversations
  • Thinking in the best interest of the client
  • Role-playing scripts
  • Overcoming Objections – specific How-To Guide


  • Hosting workshops
  • Attending expos
  • Starting and running a podcast
  • Creating Facebook ads
  • Finding and nailing speaking engagements
  • Using surveys and client result statistics to improve your business


  • Don’t Learn: Do.
  • No live class this week. This is where we put what you’ve learned so far into practice.
  • Mastermind and Interactive mentorship available every week but this is when we really put it all into action!


  • Corporate Wellness service
  • Hiring your first employee
  • Looking ahead with your business
  • Annual goal planning
  • Time management
  • Budgeting for your coaching business


  • Wrap Up
  • Moving forward in your business
  • Taking the next steps

What Participants Have Said

Investment in the Financial Coach Academy


Payment options are available.

When priced separately, this financial coach training program is valued at more than $18,000:

  • Weekly online modules and coaching video conferences that teach you how to master power partners, client on-boarding, systematize coaching sessions with clients, marketing, overcoming objections, identifying your niche and much more. All recorded so you can watch anytime. Clear out all the clutter and advice you read and get real, down to the details, experienced coaching from a financial coach who puts it to practice every day!
    • Value: $9,000
  • Access to the online resource library released with each training call. It includes downloads, contracts, worksheets and other material it took me nearly 10 years to perfect. Imagine all the handouts and contracts it will take you hours upon hours to create on your own, handed to you on a silver platter!
    • Value: $2,500
  • Access to an exclusive mastermind group of other like-minded financially, savvy professionals who are on the same journey as you.
    • Value: $1,800
  • Weekly live Q&A calls and masterminds to gain instant feedback as you execute all your new ideas!
    • Value: $5,000
  • One-on-one feedback from Kelsa, Michael and their team.
    • VALUE: Exponential
Enroll Now – $2,797 Pay in Full SOLD OUT!
Enroll Now – Pay only $770 (4-pay option) SOLD OUT!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get access to the entire course once I purchase it?2020-05-26T21:33:52+00:00

Upon enrollment, if you choose to pay-in-full, you will gain immediate access to the course. If you choose the 4-pay option, you will receive 1/4 of the course immediately and each remaining quarter every 30 (so 30, 60, and then 90 days out).

Ideally you will move through the course week-by-week. We designed the course so each week builds on the prior week. It’s for that reason we recommend you don’t jump around or move through it too quickly.

Where are classes held?2020-05-26T21:27:56+00:00

The lessons are all previously recorded and available immediately, so you can watch them anywhere, at any time.

What’s my ROI? Can you guarantee results?2020-03-27T19:46:10+00:00

We have poured a decade’s worth of lessons and hard work into this course’s materials. The Financial Coach Academy will show you everything that has brought us success and every mistake that we have made so you don’t repeat them. We truly believe that everything you get out of this course is directly related to the effort you put into it.  We provide ample execution time so you can apply everything that we teach to your business, and we are confident that work, plus accountability to keep you motivated and on track, will set you up for success.  Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee any level of results.

For more information, read about Financial Coach Academy’s terms and conditions and privacy policy.

What will I learn in the Financial Coach Academy?2020-03-27T19:47:02+00:00

Practical steps to take your knowledge of personal finance and craft a business model around it. You will learn everything from client contracts and pricing to scheduling and marketing. We want you to learn from our mistakes and successes and use them to create a successful financial coaching business that’s all your own. You will also learn tried and true methods from exercises, discussion topics, handouts, and real-time questions that get results with clients.

What qualifications or certifications are required to enroll in the Financial Coach Academy?2020-03-27T19:46:25+00:00

None! Just a passion for helping people with their personal finances. It’s possible other people view you as a certified budget geek. Don’t worry. We love budget geeks. We are budget geeks. You will be in good company.

What if I have questions while I’m taking the course? Can I email you?2020-05-26T21:29:39+00:00

All attendees of the Academy are invited to join a Facebook group just for FCA graduates and our free Financial Coaches Unite FB page. Financial Coaches Unite is a 4,000+ member group made up of FCA graduates, veteran financial coaches, and newer coaches, so all experiences and skill levels are represented. It’s the best place to ask questions for two reasons:

  1. You will get feedback from other financial coaches on what has specifically worked for them, not just us.
  2. It will help other coaches who have the same question (and may not even know they have that question).

Currently, the best place to get our feedback and answer questions is via the Facebook group.  We respond to questions in the Unite group as often as we can, but can’t guarantee that we will answer your question.

What if I have questions about the Toolkit’s materials?2020-03-27T19:52:35+00:00

As you work through the course, we realize you might have questions about how to implement the materials or work them into your coaching programs. If you have questions, we encourage you to ask them in the Financial Coaches Unite Facebook group. This 4,000 member group is active and full of helpful coaches who can give you their advice and insights. We’re in that group daily as well, so we chime in as often as we can.


What do FCA graduates receive to show they’ve completed the program?2020-03-27T19:45:50+00:00

All graduates of the Financial Coach Academy receive a Certificate of Completion as well as a Financial Coach Academy Graduate Seal to place on their website and in their marketing materials. 

What can I do with the information I learn from the Financial Coach Academy?2020-03-27T19:46:50+00:00

You will be able to take your knowledge and passion for personal finance and turn it into a successful financial coaching business. It’s that simple. The course was designed to help you do that, so that’s what we want you to be able to do, regardless of where you are in your coaching career. 

If I purchase the Toolkit with a payment plan, which lessons do I get first?2020-10-12T21:59:41+00:00

When you purchase the Toolkit with a payment plan, the first four lessons (You The Coach, Foundational Exercises, Planning Ahead) are available immediately. The next five lessons (Goal, Rewards and Milestones, Behavior, Overcoming Obstacles, Couples and Communication, and Business Strategies) are available after the second payment, which is 30 days from enrollment. The remaining lessons (Income, Mindset, Life Organization, Long Term Vision, and Annual Exercises) are available after the third payment, which is 60 days from enrollment.

I think I’m ready to enroll. What are my next steps?2020-05-26T21:32:18+00:00

Purchase the course and begin learning immediately! Or if you have questions, you can set up a time to talk with Kelsa, the founder and creator of the Financial Coach Academy, by clicking here. You can call us at (480) 788-4588 or email info@fiscalfitnessphx.com to set up a discovery session to find out if this program is right for you.

How is your program different from other financial coach training programs?2020-03-27T19:46:40+00:00

Our program sets us apart in a few big ways. Financial Coach Academy covers 3 main pillars – financial concepts, business building strategies, and coaching skills. Our approach to these topics is thorough and based on experience. We do not provide theories. We provide practical, hands-on, step-by-step instruction on tried-and-true methods that have worked for us. We share what didn’t work for us and why. We live and breathe Financial Coaching every day!

Our approach to financial concepts, for example, is behavioral and we provide skill-based applications and exercises you can do with clients. We don’t spend time talking about mortgages, bankruptcy, estate planning, insurance or other topics that you are probably familiar with already And if you’re not, we show you how easy it is to discover those topics – you don’t need to pay us for those lessons. We also provide lifetime access to the course materials, so you never lose access to them, nor do we ask you to pay more to keep them. That means as your business grows and you face new obstacles, you can revisit the materials and tackle those challenges with confidence!

Finally, not only do we share exactly how we do everything, but we also give you the framework so you can create your own strategies that are unique to your personality and business. Our goal is for you to be inspired and guided by us, not that you feel you need to do everything exactly how we have. I can say without any hesitation that the Financial Coach Academy is the most comprehensive, thorough, specific and valuable training for financial coaches there is. We may be biased, but we also have plenty of people who have given our course great reviews

How is the Toolkit different from the Academy?2020-04-10T19:40:29+00:00

The Academy – our online training course for financial coaches – was created to help coaches who are looking to start their coaching career, need help systematizing policies processes or to develop strategies for marketing and building their business. While it includes some of the same handouts and exercises as the Toolkit, it’s only a small fraction. The Toolkit was designed to help people who want to get better at the coaching part of their business. It was made to be far more robust with specific client exercises that a coach could use to have client content for years and years to come.

Does FCA teach the basics of personal finance?2020-03-27T19:46:56+00:00

We do not cover specific financial topics (i.e. what is a mortgage or what is interest) because there is already a wealth of great information and training on these topics (and we’ll share the ones we like best throughout the course). We assume that by having an interest in the FCA, you know a lot of this already, so we don’t want to waste anyone’s time.

Some of the major topics we cover include in the FCA include, but are not limited to:

  • Creating exercises to best help your clients
  • Identifying key skills your clients need help learning
  • Designing programs to help clients get results and solve specific financial challenges
  • Step into coaching conversations humbly and confidently
  • Effective skills for listening and inquiring – how to help clients open up
  • Designing programs that encourage long-term relationships with clients
  • How to gain and utilize power partners
  • What technology to use and how to implement them
  • Marketing techniques that work (and what techniques don’t work)
  • Client strategy session formatting
  • Our signature budgeting system
  • Back and front office optimization
  • How to find your ideal clients (and avoid clients that are not a good fit)
  • On-boarding clients from discovery session to graduation
Do I need a degree in finance to join the Financial Coach Academy?2020-03-27T19:46:17+00:00

Certainly not. All you need is a desire to help people and a passion for personal finance.

Do I get everything in the Toolkit once I purchase it?2020-10-12T22:01:54+00:00

It depends. We created two different payment plans for the Toolkit: a pay-in-full option and a three-payment option. If you purchase the pay-in-full option, you will have immediate access to everything in the Toolkit once you purchase it. With the three-payment option, you’ll have access to a third of the course once you purchase. The remaining portions of the course will open after each additional payment, meaning you’ll get access to a third of the course with each payment.

Can I get a refund after I purchase the Financial Coach Academy?2020-03-27T19:47:14+00:00
No, we don’t offer refunds. We put a lot of work into the course and think it’s the best financial coach training course there is. But we acknowledge it’s not for everyone, and it’s a big financial and time commitment. We want you to be 100% confident in your purchase before you hit the buy button. That’s why we offer a free 20-minute Q&A call to anyone considering purchasing the course. (Schedule it here.) We encourage you to take advantage of this so you can click purchase knowing FCA is exactly what you need to catapult your financial coaching career.
Can I copy and paste the materials I get from the Toolkit?2020-03-30T02:44:26+00:00

The materials we provide in the Toolkit will not be white label. Meaning, they are PDF’s that you will be able to use as inspiration to create your own handouts and materials, but not copy verbatim.

Even More Happy Participants & Future Financial Coaches! (You’re making us blush.)

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