Financial Coaching Playbook authorDid you know the price of the Financial Coach Academy used to be $3,197?

When we first launched the Academy, our signature financial coach training course, in 2015 it was offered as a live course only. We had a small group of coaches (no more than 20 each round).

The Academy lasted 12 weeks. The coaches had online videos to watch, exercises to work through, and Michael and I would host weekly calls throughout the program. 

The live-only course was great, but it had its drawbacks. The main one being that we wanted to help more coaches! Twenty seats per session was very limiting.

So we started recording the live versions of the Academy and turned those into a self-paced course. So for a while, we offered both a live and a self-paced version of the course. At that time, the live version was $3,197.

Having both options was great because we got to help more coaches. But it wasn’t great after a while because as the Academy was growing, my team was growing, and I was getting pulled in a lot of directions. Doing a live version of the Academy with weekly calls started to become a challenge. 

We did away with the live version and in 2020 introduced the Mastermind as a way for coaches who needed support and accountability as they worked through the Academy as well as those coaches who were finished with the Academy but still wanted the accountability and motivation provided by the Mastermind

In 2020, we did something major. 

We undertook a complete overhaul of the Academy throughout 2020, and launched it in February 2021. This was something I had wanted to do ever since we did away with the live course. 

Thankfully, Coach Jaclyn joined my team in 2020. As a former teacher and former student of the Academy, Jaclyn was THE perfect person to help me with this massive effort. The Academy wouldn’t be what it is today without Jaclyn. 

I wholeheartedly believe the Academy today is the best damn financial coach training program out there.

I would stack it up against any other program and be confident that it offers more support and better prepares people to become financial coaches. 

It took us the better part of a year to redo it entirely. We took our time. We thought through everything. We got it right.

But that doesn’t mean we’re done with it. 

Because our financial coaching business is growing and changing and because the Academy is reflective of how we operate our business, it will never be stagnant. As the coaching profession evolves, as our business expands, as new tools and strategies become available, we’ll update the course. 

People often ask me how they can get a discount on the Academy. I believe in the value of the Academy so much that I’ll tell you what I tell them: We never discount the price of the Academy. 

I consider the Academy as it is today a discounted price. And that’s true whether you buy it today at $1,997 or after March 31, when we’ll raise the price to $2,997. 

You see, the Academy comes with lifetime access.

So long as the Academy is around (and we plan for it to be around for a LOOOOOONG time), anyone who enrolls will have access to it. They’ll also have access to any updates and changes we make in the future at no extra cost. I don’t know of many other coaching programs that do that.

Think of it this way: the coaches who did that first round of the Academy way back in 2015 have the same access to the Academy as the coaches who paid $3,197 to do it live, as well as the same coaches who’ll enroll today for $1,997. No matter when anyone buys the Academy, they’ll always have the best version of the Academy. 

The other thing all enrollees get is a monthly coaching call. 

If you’re a member of Financial Coaches Unite, you may have seen in the events section of our free Facebook group a monthly Q&A for FCA coaches only. That Q&A call is for anyone who’s done the Academy. 

So the coaches who did the live Academy years ago can hop on those calls today. Whereas with the live version, they lost those regular calls once they were done with the program. Now everyone gets ongoing access. 

And that’s why even with this upcoming price increase to the Academy (and the Toolkit), I’m still confident in the value we deliver in the Academy. The value’s there now. The value will be there every month on those coaching calls. The value will be there a year from now with any updates or upgrades we make to the training and materials included with the Academy. And it’s already A LOT.

Yes, it’s scary to raise your prices. It feels unnerving. But you know what feels worse? Having a program or a business you’ve poured your heart into that is worth way more than its current price tag. 

I hope you’re in coaching long enough to feel that way about the value you provide to your clients. I want you to believe in what you put out there and know that the prices you set are rooted in the knowledge that the work you do has immense value. 

Because trust me, financial coach, it does.