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Shauna Jones


When did you start your financial coaching business?

October 2016

Tell us about your journey to becoming a financial coach.

I spent almost 11 years in public accounting doing financial statement audits. During that time, I saw a lot of business fail for one big reason – bad money management and habits. They were spending every cent that they brought in the door and racking up debt left and right. When I first started my business, I saw a lot of business coaches skipping over the importance of managing your money and how crucial it was, so thus, my business was born!

Why did you become a financial coach?

I have a passion for helping small businesses turn their sales into more cash in their pocket. I see it all the time; start a business based on their passions and they focus so much on helping others that they forget to pay themselves for their hard work. They end up in this same vicious cycle of spending and giving away for free and struggling with keeping their dream alive. I did it to help small businesses keep making an impact in their community.

Who is your ideal client? What is the main problem you help your clients solve?

My ideal client is a small business in the first 5 years of business that finds itself struggling to make ends meet. They work tirelessly but are seeing little return. They have a big heart for what they do, but they just can’t seem to make the money stuff work for them. I target start-up entrepreneurs for my paid self-study course to teach them the good habits when they are first launching, and my 1:1 work targets business owners that have a consulting/service business or brick and mortar like small mom and pop shops, gyms, coffee shops, etc. I target women, ages 25-45.

The big problem I help them solve is lack of profitability- turning more of their sales into surplus cash so they can continue to make an impact in their community. Lack of profitability is the top reason small business fail, and I plan to help prevent that.

What is a strategy, tip, or piece of advice you give your clients often?

To always pay themselves first and work on their mindset regularly. From every sale, pay yourself first. Every dollar that comes in, have a plan for it and make sure that plan includes landing in your pocket.

What is a strategy, tip, or piece of advice you would give to other financial coaches?

Speak in their language, not yours. Stop talking about budgets and spreadsheets and all that other scary stuff. People want to know how you are going to help them and make them feel, not be talked down to with terms and to-dos. Bring yourself to their level and focus on how they feel- anxious, scared, frustrated, overwhelmed. Leave the big finance words for later when you have built them up to that point.

What is one thing you learned the hard way when it comes to being a financial coach?

Marketing is hard. See above! I came out of the gates always talking this way, and I got crickets all the time. People were afraid to talk about their money situation. If you can, hire someone that is a financial coach to train you on the business side of it all. If I could go back in time, I would have done exactly that. These other business coaches don’t get financial coaching. Also, build relationships first and foremost. Start small and build it over time. If you are in the business to get rich quick, you better find something else. If you want to get rich at some point, be prepared to add more services and passive income. (I could talk about this question all day 🙂

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