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Michael Dinich


Tell us about your journey to becoming a financial coach.

I was a combat medic in the Army; I wanted to go into Medicine. I got injured and was rethinking my career, my parent founded the company, and invited me to a financial planning conference.

I had an opportunity to see the value that planners bring to clients; tax savings, security, etc. I fell in love with the industry and have been doing it since.

Why did you become a financial coach?

I love helping people and being a part of their lives.

Who is your ideal client? What is the main problem you help your clients solve?

I love working with blue collar salt of the earth people.

What is a strategy, tip or piece of advice you give your clients often?

The two things I tell clients the most, is that good planning is not about judgment, rather it’s about helping you make better decisions going forward.

Also not everything in life is an economic decision, it’s ok to pay a bit more for peace of mind or comfort.

I think clients have this perception that financial coaches are going to tell them they can’t every enjoy their money or spend, and that not the case, its just about balance.

What is a strategy, tip or piece of advice you could give to other financial coaches?

Planning is like dieting; there’s a ton of different diets, south beach, takings, intermittent fasting, juices, you name it. They all pretty much will work if followed, if the diet isn’t followed it won’t matter how smart it was. The key to following a diet is finding the one you will enjoy and will follow. Finance is similar lots of ways to save and invest; real estate, stocks, bonds, annuities the best investment is what works for the client.

What is one thing you learned the hard way when it comes to being a financial coach?

There’s going to be some heartache, clients may not follow your advice or may be lead astray by other individuals, and it can be upsetting. You can’t be everything to everyone, but you can be everything to some people, focus on the success instead of feeling rejected by people who didn’t follow your advice put the effort into your success.


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