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Jill Emanuel


When did you start your Financial Coaching business?

September 2017

Tell us about your journey to becoming a financial coach.

My journey to becoming a financial coach began when my husband and I sought the help of a financial coach! At that time I never would have imagined my path would lead me to becoming a coach myself. We were extremely frustrated with our finances, in massive debt and despite all of our best intentions and efforts could never seem to get ahead. Once we sought help and were taught a better way to budget we saw massive improvements in our finances almost immediately. I knew that this was the “missing piece” to the financial puzzle we had been struggling to find for years and I knew I wanted to share what I had been taught about budgeting and personal finance with others.

Why did you become a financial coach?

I became a financial coach after completely overhauling our own personal finances and living thru the dramatic transformation myself. We went from in debt and completely stressed about money to having total confidence in our financial choices and feeling so much freedom in our lives. I wanted nothing more than to share that with all of the other people I saw who were struggling with their finances as we once had. What started out as helping friends “for fun”, suddenly turned into people asking me to coach them, and I knew this was what I needed to pursue!

Who is your ideal client? What is the main problem you help your clients solve?

I work with individuals, couples and solopreneurs and teach them a better way to budget and help to take the STRESS out of money!

You are my ideal client if any of this relates to you:
-You are someone who is making a good income, but you have never felt totally in control of your money.
-Although you make a good income, you can’t see exactly where your money is going and that frustrates you.
-You have debt that you are having trouble getting out of, or are having trouble staying out of debt.
-Thinking about your debt makes you sick to your stomach, you try to avoid thinking about it, but it’s always there in the back of your mind.
-You know what it means to give something your all (#overachiever), but despite all of your best efforts you still aren’t making the financial gains you desire.
-You love a good challenge….especially when it means you are up-leveling your life!
-You are driven and passionate and know you want (and deserve) a life free of these financial stresses!
-You realize that getting your finances in order is the final piece of the puzzle to begin living the life you have dreamed of.

I bring my clients clarity about where their money is going, help them create a plan for the future, and show them the steps to meet their financial goals and ensure their money supports their values and priorities.

What is a strategy, tip or piece of advice you give your clients often?

One of the things I think is important for new clients to know, is that no matter where they are starting from, they have already done the most important thing. They have stepped out of their comfort zone and asked for help! This is such a huge step in and of itself and I don’t think it should be taken lightly. So often my new clients come to me feeling so overwhelmed with their finances and it’s important for them to know that just by making that one choice, they have already done so much to set themselves up for success. Personal finances IS a skill that can be taught, but you have to be open to learning a new way and ready to put in the effort. If my clients are ready to work, I can most definitely show them the way to reach their financial goals.

What is a strategy, tip or piece of advice you could give to other financial coaches?

I think transparency is so important as a financial coach. Share your story, share why you do this, and you will create amazing connections with your clients. As coaches we are still constantly learning, so you aren’t expected to know 100% of everything from the beginning. Be transparent with what you don’t know, seek out the answers and grow from the experience.

What is one thing you learned the hard way when it comes to being a financial coach?

One thing I learned relatively early on was to seek out mentorship and advice from another coach. I invested in a program specifically designed to train new Financial Coaches and it was some of the best money I ever spent. Prior to investing in this Academy, I had spent a lot of time (and money!) trying to get things started on my own and it got me nowhere. I think as a coach it’s really important for us to also always continue to be students. Seek out help, mentorship and guidance and the investment will come back tenfold!

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