The purpose of The Many Faces of a Financial Coach blog series is to inspire up-and-coming and veteran coaches alike. Our mission is to show the beautiful uniqueness to coaches overall while telling their story, describing their niche and allowing them to offer tips & advice to other coaches. Profiles of coaches are not necessarily participants or graduates of the Financial Coach Academy training program (although some are). It’s purely for inspirational purposes only.


Jane Helm


When did you start your Financial Coaching business?

October 2015

Tell us about your journey to becoming a financial coach.

After 15 years in Financial Services, I recognized the need for clients to get help with their everyday finances-budgeting, debt repayment and communication around money.
I also found that many clients didn’t understand the basics of how money works.
I changed my entire lifestyle so that I could pursue this passion and love what I do!

Why did you become a financial coach?

I always tell people that my entire life led me to this career! I struggled with my own behavior with money and found myself in extreme debt 20 years ago. I was overwhelmed, ashamed and guilt ridden. Most importantly, I felt isolated-their was no one to help me. The opportunity to teach Financial Literacy classes (and to write my own book regarding these lessons) sparked my love of teaching. I was further inspired by the behavior of the clients I worked with in the Financial Services arena, as they needed help in learning the basics of money management and learning to communicate effectively with spouses and family members. My degree in Social Work and Psychology was definitely integral in my decision to pursue this career!

Who is your ideal client? What is the main problem you help your clients solve?

My ideal client is an individual or couple who is struggling with debt, or needs a personalized budget. They need to tools and accountability to turn their good intentions with money into action steps that is enhanced by compassionate coaching.
I also help people facilitate conversations about money matters-this has helped couples as well as other professionals that call me in to serve as a facilitator.
I provide Financial Literacy classes to small to mid sized business and votech schools.

What is a strategy, tip or piece of advice you give your clients often?

To work on identifying the emotional outcome they are seeking with their money. Once that is clear, the numbers will follow!

What is a strategy, tip or piece of advice you could give to other financial coaches?

To align with Financial Advisors and work with them as a team, creating the best financial outcome for their clients.

What is one thing you learned the hard way when it comes to being a financial coach?

Although I feel that almost everyone can use a Financial Coach, most people are ashamed to reach out for help. It can take several conversations before a client will actually contact you for professional guidance.


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