The purpose of The Many Faces of a Financial Coach blog series is to inspire up-and-coming and veteran coaches alike. Our mission is to show the beautiful uniqueness to coaches overall while telling their story, describing their niche and allowing them to offer tips & advice to other coaches. Profiles of coaches are not necessarily participants or graduates of the Financial Coach Academy training program (although some are). It’s purely for inspirational purposes only.


Jacqueline Mckeever


When did you start your Financial Coaching business? 

October 26, 2016

Tell us about your journey to becoming a financial coach.

Well, I received training two ways: one through experience, and the other through another nonprofit.

Why did you become a financial coach?

I got into because I want to help people place a purpose behind each dollar. Your money should build your foundation to your goals. I want to show them their power over their life and money. I also want to teach them that being in the right financial position can open up the potential to grow and sustain.

Who is your ideal client? What is the main problem you help your clients solve?

I have two idea clients: One is a female adult, 25-44 years old, parent, with a college education, who reads, has had some booms in their life, is ready for change, Christian, looking for ways to do better for her family, and makes $15k-30k. The second is a married man, aged 35-50, with a college education, is very visual, prefers videos or conversations when learning, makes $30K and up in income, and is ready to do better, buy a home, and get a new job.

What is a strategy, tip or piece of advice you give your clients often?

Breathe: Rome was not built in a day. It took time to get you in this status, and it takes time to get you out.

What is a strategy, tip, or piece of advice you would give to other financial coaches?

Work on your demographic first and then branding prior to when you start. Stay calm.

What is one thing you learned the hard way when it comes to being a financial coach?

Everyone is not your customer.