At the Association of Financial Coaches™, we are training and leading the next generation of financial coaches.

The Association of Financial Coaches™ is a forum for financial advice, education, and coaching. We support and encourage anyone with an interest in becoming a financial coach to pursue it. Similarly, we are here to encourage anyone who already is a financial coach to refine and grow their business.

We support ongoing professional development through our Financial Coach Academy™, certification programs, symposia, and resources to support the worldwide growth of the financial coaching community.

The Financial Coach Academy™

The Financial Coach Academy is an online, 10-week program that will teach people how to start and run a successful business as a financial coach. We teach everything we have learned in nearly 10 years as the financial coaches and founders of Fiscal Fitness Phoenix.

Certified Professional Financial Coaching

The Certified Professional Financial Coach™ Certificate is a recognized industry standard to identify highly-qualified financial coaching professionals. Certified coaches demonstrate the highest level of commitment to providing trustworthy, valuable information and services.

The Financial Coaching Symposium™

The Financial Coaching Symposium™ is an annual event for financial coaches looking to build their business, establish their business, or become leaders in the financial coaching industry. We welcome coaches at all stage of their business to join us for this three-day seminar.

For information about any of these programs, contact us here.