A Step-by-Step Approach For Financial Coaches to Coach Clients on Debt Payoff

Why The Debt Snowball Isn't Always The Best Way To Pay Off Debt When I started financial coaching more than 10 years ago, I had many clients who came to me and their number one goal was to get out of debt. Probably like many of your clients today. They'd tell me their financial info, I'd plug it into a debt snowball calculator, and it would spit out this beautiful, perfect debt payoff plan that I would then present to the client. And sometimes it would work. But you know what, sometimes it didn't. My client wouldn't stick to the [...]

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A Complete List of Financial Coach Academy Materials, Templates, Worksheets and Downloads

There are 160+ financial coach templates, worksheets and other materials included when you enroll in the Financial Coach Academy. We put a lot of work into designing and creating the Financial Coach Academy®, our signature online financial coach training program. Our goal when creating this program was to give aspiring coaches everything you need to become a financial coach, start your business and get your clients results. We knew that meant we needed to provide materials like worksheets, templates, questionnaires, scripts, and downloads for you to use in your financial coaching business. We believe we provide [...]

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Client exercise: Buyer’s remorse

We have all felt buyer's remorse at some point and boy isn't it painful? It stings a little for sure. There's no doubt our clients have experienced that gut-wrenching feeling too. It may be easy to dismiss this feeling since we've all done it. But it's the pesky little things that can lead to doubt, a lack of confidence, and the inability to trust yourself with financial decisions. As financial coaches, we can help our clients by helping them to identify the factors that contribute to regrettable money choices. Below is a quick exercise you can give your client - [...]

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