We launched our signature course, the Financial Coach Academy, in 2015 because there was a problem with financial coach training. The programs we took were either too general or too rigid, promising that the only way to succeed as a financial coach was by following an exact blueprint laid out by the instructors. That didn’t work for us. 

We had found a lot of things that did work for us though over nearly a decade of running our financial coaching business. We created systems, processes, and general how-tos that made for a framework where anyone could build a successful coaching business – whatever successful looked like to them. 

The Financial Coach Academy came from a desire to provide that framework to anyone who had a passion for financial coaching – no prior experience financial, coaching, or otherwise necessary.

In the Beginning

For the first iteration of the Financial Coach Academy, it was all live. We had weekly online meetings and lessons for 16 coaches in attendance over the course of 7 weeks. The coaches thrived, and now more than five years later, several of them are running some kick-butt financial coaching businesses. We were 1,000% inspired to keep going.

We tinkered with the format over the years. We introduced the self-paced version. We replaced the live Academy with a monthly Financial Coaches Mastermind group. We kept delivering great and updated content in the course. One thing about the Academy is that it’s always been slowly evolving. We are always learning and growing and because of that, our goal was always to incorporate that new knowledge or new skills in the Academy. 

Everything was working fine, and fine was great. Until now when we decided there is an even better way to structure the Financial Coach Academy. We’ve been working on a brand new version of the Academy during 2020, and it’s almost ready to go live.

Here’s a video Kelsa did in our Financial Coaches Unite Group talking about the new version.

What Isn’t Changing in the Academy

The Academy is a stellar program with dozens of positive reviews, so we’re not blowing the thing up and starting over. Think of it more like an old house with excellent bones. The foundation is rock solid, but its best features are hidden among all of the proverbial clutter.  

The format of how we structure and teach lessons in the Academy will stay the same. It will be online and on-demand. We still offer support through a private Facebook group for anyone going through the self-paced program and greater access to us and the entire Academy team through the FCA Mastermind Group. Everyone still gets lifetime access to the Financial Coach Academy too. 

Even more important, we are keeping the teaching structure the same. This is one of the things that has always made this program so successful. With every lesson, we have followed this format:

  • Teach the concept
  • Model how we use it in our business (it’s a peek behind the curtain if you will)
  • Do an activity and provide specific guidance that allows you to apply the concept to your own coaching business

This will stay the same because it just works. 

What is Changing

Financial Coaching Training Academy Module 1 Guide

So that brings us to what is changing: We’re providing upgraded and streamlined content. That’s the main thing. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s the meat of this program.  We’ve focused our efforts on upgrading what we have and making everything easier for people to progress through the Academy’s lessons.

One of the main issues with the Academy’s current structure is people weren’t always 100% sure when they were done. There are 10 lessons, including everything from creating your legal business to marketing it to designing your perfect program. It offers a lot. It’s why some of the Academy graduates have said taking our course is like getting an MBA in Financial Coaching. We love to hear that. 

But we also know not everyone needed every one of those lessons. If you don’t ever want to run a corporate financial wellness program, you could skip that lesson and still design a fantastic coaching program that works for you. 

What we’ve done is taken those 10 lessons and boiled them down to the five core modules we know every coach needs. (See the outline for Module 1 above.) There still will be corporate wellness training if you want it, but it is an ancillary lesson, not one you need to complete to get your graduate seal. 

The program itself will be easier to follow. Yes, there are fewer required lessons, but there is also a much better guidebook to move you along. We’ve even identified in the materials the places and actions that repeatedly have tripped people up in the past – the parts of the Academy where a person can linger in indecision far longer than necessary. You will know what those parts are, and we’ll help you get past them. 

Why Now is a Great Time to Invest in the Financial Coach Academy

We are still in the process of tying up all the loose ends of this new and improved program, but we will launch it sometime in early 2021. And when we launch it, we are changing the pricing in two big ways. 

First, we are increasing the price to $1,997. Secondly, the payment plan option is going away. Between now and when the Academy officially relaunches, you can pay $200 less and still get the upgraded version when we launch it. It’s basically like a big pre-sale. You also have the opportunity to take advantage of the payment plan before it disappears.

Oh and you get to soak in that Academy now, so there’s no waiting for the new version to dive in if you’re an eager beaver. 

What Now?

If you already have or have taken the Academy, you’ll get an email with instructions for how to access the upgraded course once it launches. It doesn’t matter if you took the live course or the self-paced course. Everyone gets the upgrade.

If you know you want to get in on this deal now, you can purchase the Academy here. You’ll get access to the course now and the upgraded version when it’s released. Learn more about the current version of the Academy here.

Not sure if the Academy is right for you? It’s a big purchase, and we want you to feel 100% confident that the Academy is what you need when you purchase it. Schedule a free, no-pressure, 15-minute call with the Academy’s creator and main instructor, Kelsa Dickey, here. She will help you determine if this program is right for you.

And if you’re not already a part of it, join our free Facebook group for financial coaches. It’s our 5,000+ member group of newbie to veteran coaches. They are an active and encouraging bunch. For free Financial Coach training, check out our financial coaching YouTube channel here.