Kelsa talks with Kacy Smith about her journey from $68k in debt to being a full time financial coach!

Most financial coaches follow a similar journey. They start with transforming their own personal finances and realize that they would love to help others feel the same freedom they felt by paying off debt, getting on a budget and having savings in place.

Part time to full time challenges

The first challenge for most people is the transition to making it a legitimate part time business while maintaining their regular 9-5 job and family life. The biggest challenge is usually that transition from part time to full time financial coach.

How can you go from a stable income and a steady job to being self-employed with your future up in the air and in your own hands! It takes a lot of structure, confidence and guidance a long the way. At Financial Coach Academy, we have seen countless numbers of our graduates make this transition seamlessly but one student in particular has done it quicker and more effectively than we (and she) thought was possible.

Meet financial coach, Kacy Smith

Kacy Smith, financial coach and owner of Straight Cents Financial Coaching, was $68,000 in debt and had that aha moment where she needed that debt out of her life and was ready to overhaul her personal finances.

She decided to research and plan her strategy and share her journey with some help from Instagram. She learned about Dave Ramsey’s babysteps and found it very effective for her. She then found out about the Financial Coach Master Trainer program and got her FCMT. But was still looking for more definitive coaching and business strategies and structures and was introduced to the Financial Coach Academy.

Once she completed FCA she quickly got her first paying client and continued to plan on coaching as a side hustle for the next two years until she was completely prepared to leave her J.O.B.

Her next big move was registering for the Financial Coaching Symposium and the VIP Experience Roadmap to Profitability because she has always understood the value of VIP trainings.

You’ll have to watch the interview for her full account but let’s just say that she went in to the VIP day with no expectations and left with a plan to leave her job and launch her full time financial coaching practice… 2 YEARS AHEAD OF SCHEDULE!

Since she left her job for her financial coaching business in June she has gained clients (20 to be exact) and confidence that she made the right decision. She is a shining example of what someone can do with the right mindset, skills, and guidance that just doesn’t happen on its own.

You can watch the full interview below to learn about:

  • The specifics of how she paid off debt and because interested in financial coaching
  • What she thought of the Dave Ramsey Master Coach Training Program
  • Why she decided to take Financial Coach Academy and what she thought was most valuable
  • How she was able to go from part time to full time so quickly
  • What other decisions she made for her business and how she was able to launch her full time financial coaching business two years early
  • What is next for her and her business


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