It’s a New Year, so for us, that means it’s time for another 21-Day Challenge.

2020 was a dumpster fire of a year. It’s something most everyone can agree on. We are starting 2021 with a clean slate and full appreciation of moving on to a new year with new goals in our sights. And what better way to kick off this New Year than with a new attitude and some butt-kicking motivation?

It starts on 1-21-21. How perfect is that?

We run the 21-Day challenge twice a year, and this time it feels especially timely. What better way to get grounded in this New Year and ready to tackle it all than with a little friendly competition where literally everyone wins?

We are on a mission to empower financial coaches like you to up-level your business, achieve greater results with your clients and overall, grow as an entrepreneur and as a person! We’ve seen it happen time and time again with the 21-Day Challenge.

Chances are, you excel with a little bit of friendly competition and positive peer pressure – well this challenge is perfect for you then!

Every day there are a number of activities to complete in order to earn points. Most of these challenges have to do with your business. Throughout the challenge, we encourage you to take steps we know will help you make connections while gaining clients, clarity, and confidence! Regardless of how long you’ve actually been in business. This is a challenge for all financial coaches.

Other activities impact your life through charitable efforts or expressing gratitude. Finally, the community aspect of this challenge is key, so sharing your activity or experience is not only a way to interact with others, but also how you will earn your points! Sharing, pushing, and inspiring each other is an important part of this challenge. We do it all in our free Facebook group.

This challenge will push you to learn and try new things but it will also be FUN!!

Oh, did I mention CASH PRIZES? That’s right – at the end of every 21-Day Challenge, we award money to the winners. Yes, that’s winners with an “s” because there’s always more than one.

Are you ready to sign up yet?!?

The entry fee is only $97, but you can get $21 off the Challenge through January 7! CLICK HERE  to sign up and use the coupon code fcu21off at checkout.