This is the week that time forgets. We’re in a haze. The week between Christmas and New Year’s is the land that time forgot. It’s where little is expected of us and even less gets done. 

When I worked in corporate America, this was the time to do super important activities like clean out my office, take super long lunch breaks, and organize the folders on my computer. 

But as an entrepreneur, I like to use this time to take stock, learn, and prepare for the coming year. And rest. Don’t get me wrong. I will be in my pjs or comfiest workout clothes more often than not this week. 

If you’re like me and want to take advantage of this weird week (as well as some end-of-the-year tax write offs!), we’ve got a sale for you. 

Today (12/27/21), we’re offering a Buy One Get One Free sale on the Financial Coaching Symposium Virtual Pass. The Financial Coaching Symposium is our annual financial coach training event.

Why this sale now?

Because with 20+ hours’ worth of presentations and programming that spans three years of this live event, buying and watching the virtual pass is a great way to be productive and fuel your creativity while still staying in your PJs.

There was a lot of great programming throughout the three Symposiums we’ve held. Topics included everything from the client journey to coaching couples to marketing to corporate wellness to systems training to sales… 

In fact, let me just give you all the topics/presentations included in the passes right here:

  • Client Exercise Creation Workshop
  • LinkedIn Marketing Strategies 
  • Value Based Pricing *Worth the price of admission*
  • Couples Coaching Panel of Experts
  • Coaching Sales Lab
  • Marketing Strategies for Networking Groups Workshop
  • Open Q & A 
  • Programming Milestones and Client Journey Process *Worth the price of admission*
  • Referral Partner Attraction Workshop
  • Tackling Bad Days
  • Improving Productivity and Mental Energy with Your Kolbe Results 
  • The Mind-Body Coaching Connection 
  • Building Your Authentic Brand 
  • Workplace Financial Wellness Coaching 
  • A Client Journey Case Study 
  • Systemize Your Coaching Business 
  • How to Bring Your Best Energy Into A Coaching Session 
  • Create Coaching Magic Using Your Conative Abilities
  • Uncomfortable Client Conversations: How to Turn Them Into Your Biggest Opportunities
  • From Lead to Client: Mapping Your Prospect’s Journey *Worth the price of admission*
  • Ask A Coach: A Q & A About Navigating Client Scenarios *Worth the price of admission*
  • How to Encourage Your Clients to Continue Working With You
  • You Should Be Speaking and Coaching in the Workplace! And Here is Why
  • Professional + Cell Phone Photos = the Ultimate Social Media Photo Strategy
  • 6 Tips to Take Better Cell Phone Photos
  • Building Discipline into Your Business: A panel discussion with Kelsa Dickey, Jill Emanuel, and Jaclyn Wise *Worth the price of admission*
  • Creating Your 90-Day Goals and Your Post-Symposium Action Plan

There’s something for everyone. Well, most likely, more than one something for everyone.

In addition to all the great sessions listed above, you’ll get the workbooks, handouts, presenter slides, and materials associated with each year’s Symposium too. 

How To Take Advantage Of This TODAY ONLY Sale

When you buy the 2021 Symposium Virtual Pass (which also includes the 2020 Symposium Virtual Pass because 2020 was a weird year), you will get the 2019 Virtual Pass automatically. 

You don’t have to do anything except buy it here

We’ll work our magic behind the scenes, and voila! The 2019 virtual pass will just show up in your student dashboard as well. Easy peasy.   

How Much?

The 2020/2021 and 2019 passes are normally $149 each. So you essentially get three years of Symposium Programming for $149.

Even better though… as if we couldn’t make it better, right?

 This part is for anyone who’s been thinking about enrolling in the Academy… 

If you enroll in the Academy, you’ll get BOTH virtual passes FOR FREE. 

That’s a $298 value on top of everything you get when you enroll in the Academy, the most thorough and robust financial coach training program out there. The Academy materials list alone is legit bonkers

All you have to do is enroll in the Academy TODAY (12/27/21), and you’ll automatically get access to the 2021/2020 and 2019 Virtual Passes in your student dashboard. It is also easy peasy. 

To Sum Up:

We’re excited to offer this to you and hope it will get you even more pumped for your financial coaching business heading into the New Year. We want you ready to tackle everything that awaits you and everything you’ll create in 2022. We’ll be cheering you along the whole way. 

Ok. Back to chilling on my couch in my coziest hoodie