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The Inspired Grace Retreat is an invitation-only, three-day event for female financial coaches.

The Inspired Grace Retreat is designed to connect and nourish your mind, body, and soul, leaving you feeling mentally inspired and physically relaxed. You also will leave with a sisterhood of women to support you on your journey – be it as a wife, sister, business owner, coach, mother, or daughter. Or all of the above.

The Retreat was created by industry leaders Kelsa Dickey and Jill Emanuel. Having been conference attendees multiple times over, they knew the best outcome of those conferences were always the connections they made. The featured speakers and lectures about the ins-and-outs of owning and running a business were helpful, but the most beneficial part was always the deep relationships they formed over time spent connecting with other coaches. Within those relationships, Kelsa and Jill found the ability to overcome fears and challenges that were far easier to do when they felt supported and inspired by those who truly get it.

That’s what we want the Inspired Grace Retreat to do for you.


Where & When The next 3-day event will be announced soon.

Accommodations – INCLUDED! Retreats are held in a luxury villa, typically in Phoenix or a surrounding area. Accommodations are included in the registration price.

Healthy Mind & Body – INCLUDED! We do not want you to worry about a thing during your stay. All meals, snacks, and beverages are included. You can count on healthy, clean meals provided based on your dietary preferences.

The Inspired Grace retreat is a mix of relaxing, natural conversations along with structured, heart-opening activities. This weekend is meant to provide you with deep connections and lifelong relationships with other female financial coaches.  

It’s easy to sometimes feel as if we need to edit our own voice, even when we all share similar struggles. Come and see what you can create for yourself when you know you have the full support and energy of a sisterhood of strong, smart financial coaches standing with you and cheering you on!


Venue: Luxury Villa

Phoenix, AZ

Date: TBD (Event will occur twice each year)

Retreat Cost: TBD – Budget $1,000-$1,500

Payment plans will be available


All spots for the current Inspired Grace Retreat have been claimed. Complete the application form below to be considered. 

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Questions about the Retreat? 

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