We are so excited for all the new year has in store and we want to kick 2019 off with a bang! As our industry continues to grow and thrive we can’t wait to see what you all have in store too! We want everyone to start the year out strong, so we’ve designed a challenge for financial coaches to step outside of their comfort zones and focus on their business (and their lives)! This challenge is meant to be fun and encourages coaches to support one another in this journey of entrepreneurship!

Here’s the scoop:

This challenge is “Pay-to-Play”! There’s a $25 buy-in for your chance to win (all money collected will be paid out in prizes). You know what we tell our clients – you need to have some skin in the game to take it seriously – and the same is true here! Hold yourself accountable to this challenge, designed to help you kick off the year with focus and momentum, by getting registered for your spot today! The more you play, the bigger the winnings! Buy-in ensures participants are committed to completing the challenge and having some fun in the process.

You must enroll and pay your buy-in by January 4th!

You can send it to us via Paypal as Friends & Family to ***@*******.com. This will complete your enrollment.

Prizes will be determined based on the number of participants we have. Stay tuned! (Once again, ALL buy-in money will be paid back out to the winners!)

The challenge will run from January 1st to January 21st. Many activities require you to share or post something in the Financial Coaches Unite Facebook group. If you are not already a member of that group, you can join by clicking here:

We will be using the scorecard below. The scoring is merit-based. A description of the activity performed in order to earn the points is required or the points will be removed upon grading. Scorecards must be submitted to info@fiscalfitnessphx.com by January 25th and all results/prizes will be announced by February 1st.

2019 FCU Kickoff Challenge   >>>SCORECARD CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD!!





If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email info@fiscalfitnessphx.com, post in the Facebook group or call us (480)788-4588!

Ready, set, let’s have some fun!


We officially had 21 financial coaches participate in the 21-day Challenge! Prize money was paid out as the following:
1st place = $250!
2nd place = $125!
3rd place = $75!
All other participants who earn over 200 points on their scorecards will be entered into a raffle. 3 people will be randomly chosen to receive $25- in other words, everyone has a chance to win!