The Financial Coach Academy 21-Day Challenge is a 21-day sprint and friendly competition among financial coaches.

It’s the type of competition where everyone wins because you’ll likely end up in a better place than you started.

You earn points by completing various activities assigned by us. Some make you step out of your comfort zone, some ground you, some make you money, some save you money, and some are things you wouldn’t have thought of doing for your business. You’ll have daily activities that boost your business, your confidence, and financial coaching clarity! And throughout the competition, you also have support from your fellow coaches doing the challenge. We see such great encouragement and insights in our group during these 21 days.

The best part: Not only do YOU grow as a coach, but we give out prizes to the winners! Yes, there’s always more than one.

21 Days to Make You a Stronger Coach

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When is the 21-Day Challenge?

We hold the 21-Day Challenge twice a year, once in January and once in July. And it always lasts – as you may have expected – 21 days.

Where is the 21-Day Challenge held?

It’s entirely online, so you can participate from anywhere. And the challenge tasks can all be done on your own time. The only restriction is you have to get in as many activities as you can within the 21 days (so maybe don’t join if you’ll be moving or on your honeymoon during that time).

How much does the 21-Day Challenge cost? And why isn’t it free?

The challenge is $97, and yes, there’s a buy-in! Why?!? Two reasons:

  1. We want committed coaches only. We know people who invest even this small amount in their business, SHOW UP! And showing up is what makes this challenge great.
  2. We award prizes to the challenge winners. (Yes, there’s always more than one!) We want to reward those coaches who are really stepping outside of their comfort zone and doing big things throughout the challenge.

Can I sign up right now?

Nope. We will hold the next 21-Day Challenge in January. Subscribe here to get notified when the next Challenge is live.




I participated in the last challenge. Should I participate again? 

Definitely! We add new, valuable activities every time we do the Challenge. But even if we did not, the activities help your financial coaching business even if you’ve done them before. So yes, you can definitely do the Challenge every time and still get something new out of it.

I can’t participate every day during the 21 days. Should I still join the challenge? 

Absolutely! Some activities can be done only once. Others can be done daily or weekly. Missing a day or even a few days is not reason enough not to participate. You get to do all of the activities on your own time. Some people do one thing a day. Some people dedicate a day to getting a bunch done. You can tackle the challenge however you want, so it’s totally up to you if you want or need to skip a day.

I’ve only been coaching for a little while. Should I participate? 

You betcha! Many of the activities (i.e., share a business challenge you’re experiencing and ask for help) apply no matter where you are in your coaching journey. A veteran coach doesn’t have a better shot at winning just because they’ve been coaching longer. It’s all about effort. The only coaches we say SHOULDN’T participate are those who are brand spanking new to coaching and aren’t ready to take on clients yet. This challenge isn’t for you. But maybe check out the Academy. (Yes, that is a shameless plug.)

I’m not a member of the Finacial Coaches Unite Group. How do I join?

Join us here: And when you join, don’t forget to check out the Units! We have posted a bunch of free financial coach training videos and resources for some of the most commonly asked questions about starting a financial coaching business.